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    How to set Long Life Service mode with VAG COM vs409

    I have VAG Com hoever think need to do more than than the reset of Channel 2 within adaptation instruments module which resets service, but does not switch back to long life service.
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    How to set Long Life Service mode with VAG COM vs409

    Hi When I got my A6 it had been serviced by main dealer and read 20,000 miles to next service & around 600 days from memory. Since then when ever it gets serviced it sets to 9500 miles and 365 days. How do i reset to longlife service mode. Since I am paying for expensive oil I would like...
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    ??? Changing Fuel filter on 1.9TDT

    :unsure:Hi where abouts is the fuel filter on these and is it an easy DIY to change. Any pictures? Thanks
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    What size tyres on Sline 18" Rims - 2002 A6 2.5TDI

    I have a set of 18" Gen Sline wheels ( RS6 Style) what size tyres are you guys fitting to your C5 models?
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    Fitting A3 Slines to A6 2002

    Hi I have managed to get a set of 18" A3 S Line original wheels (RS6 design)with an offset of 54 and width of 7.5". ( Only have 225 /40/18 Tyres. Can you tell me what spacers or if different front disks would set these correctly?? Wheels definatly need spacers as sit to far in the arches and...
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    Possible solution to the dreaded multitronic gearbox ECU

    Like many of you I have had the dreaded "PRNDS" flashing on dash. Rather than paying AUDI £800 odd I came across this service whilst surfing to repair your exising ECU. £300!!! Not sure if anyone has done this yet or tried them, with 2 year warranty sounds like a possible good solution...
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    A4 Multi gearbox flashing on DIS - GREAT service from Audi

    Basically , the Audi official line is to deny it has come across the problem if cars are out of waranty or serviced outside main dealers. I did say to mine surely with the volume of this problem as reported on the WEB it is a manafacturing problem with ECU sensors. I am sure AUDI do not make...
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    Price for Alloys

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    Windscreen washer woes

    How do i get to connections of bumper headlight washers. My screenwash is leaking somewhere on one of the connections? I pulled out the water bottle by removing wheel arch cover and checked this for leaks not anywhere there so by deduction thing it is where the headlamp washers connect. Do i...
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    Not a bad looking body kit

    Dont normally like body kits however spoted this which is interesting. Not sure if the car looks too...
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    2.5TDI Engine broke 130,000 miles

    In the end went for Top End rebuild - Recondition of my engine , replace 4 cams all followers oil pump water pump timing belt etc. Also had reconditioned turbo done. 12 month warranty have had back and done 250 miles an so far fingers crossed. Will do oil + oil filter change at 1000...
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    2.5TDI Engine broke 130,000 miles

    My A6 is in need of a top end as cam & followers have failed. Told by garage that chepest option is a reconditioned engine swop. £2700.:puke2: Now do i spend this sort of money os a 2002 A6 as whats it worth? Does the price sound about right for a reconditioned engine. Cheers
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    Anyone else got experence of getting Gearbox ECU changed free by Audi. I have same problem on 2003 A4 , bought from Audi 2 years ago, however have serviced since with a Audi Specialist. If electrical known problem any chance of saying should be recall free like the Audi TT dash displays...