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  • hi mate i have upgraded to rear led units but getting bulb out errors, live local to you, thanks
    Hi would you be able to sort the VIM out for me please I'm very local and haven't got a clue with all these things. Text or call 07973409057 cheers Jensen
    Hi, would you be able to do a VCDS mod/hidden menu on my S3 please? Happy to pay for your time! 07825021776
    Hello Tay,

    I wonder if you can help me. I have a 2009 170 TDI A3 BE and the engine management light is on, however there seems to be no problem with performance. I was wondering if you could use your VCDS to diagnose the problem. my place of work is the estate behind the Audi garage near IKEA. If you can assist can you please let me know how much you charge and when you would available. 07900918561

    Hi mate I'm from Widnes recently bought an A6 avant 2.0 TDI sline. I'm after getting the hidden menu activated I'm from Widnes just wondering if u could help an audi Virgin..?? Give me a txt I will call u back 07709078305 cheers
    Hi Tay, wondering what you charge for a diagnostics, engine management light has come on and would like to know what software my ecu is running

    thanks matt
    Hi Tay, do you still offer VCDS diags scans? Would it show a fault that has not caused a engine management light yet? What do you charge? And how soon could you do it?

    Thanks, Pete.
    Hi Tay. Did you managed to eject that sat-nav disc form A6? I tried to search net but cannot find anything and I would rather not pay £45 to Audi just to unlock something which should be done by them in the first place.

    Cheers for any advice.
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