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  • Hey jase, Did you have to do anything special to get the center console and ac, radio trim from the B6 to the B5 to fit or was it all pretty straight forward fitment? Thanks!
    it was easy mate tbh i removed all the screws on the standard skirts which arnt what you could call skirts tbh
    the new ones clip in a recess at the front and have tape all the way along the top which stick to the sill
    the only bit to sikaflex is the part of the skirt which meets the rear wing
    there are some bolts on the underside aswell mate.
    the door blades looked to much with the skirts imo so i just sold em.
    hope this wasnt to hard to understand
    Hi Jase0851,

    I was looking at a thread you posted way back in 2008, you put some Votex B7 side skirts on your B6 avant, how did you get around the mouldings at the bottom of the doors, did you have to remove them completely? could no longer use the door blades? I can't tell properly what you did from them photos. I've bought the same skirts and was wondering how difficult it was.

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