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  • Hi Ryan,

    I am sorry I have only just seen your message! I didnt have a notification to say I had a PM and I have just seen it there when looking at my profile.

    Not sure if you have gone down the mapping route now, but yes I used CC tuning in Burton.
    Chris is a good guy & the reasons I used him were location & a few guys from another VAG forum recommended him. It did change the car and it certainly did feel a fair bit quicker (I love 2nd gear) and slightly better fuel economy too. He said it should add about 40 to 50bhp so somewhere around 300. He only has a 2WD rolling road though so couldnt check the power on mine but some Golf ED30's he had mapped all made about 300 which I beleive is essentially the same engine.
    Even though I have got used to the extra power now it does make a difference and I will be sorry to take it off next month as the car is going back soon as I moving over to the derv side! Although I will probably map that at some point anyway!
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