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  • HI Gaz, I'm looking for someone with access to VCDS so i can enable the hidden green menu on my Audi Q7. Is this something that you would be able to do for me ? Thanks in advance.
    Hi Gaz, I'm based in Glasgow and hoping to see if I can pay you to help me activate Video in Motion on my Audi A3 MMI 3G+ (2014) Would appreciate your help, mate!
    HI Gaz, I was hoping to change the steering wheel on my A3 8P for the multifunction one, was wondering if you have had any experience of this and might be able to give me a hand, and if you can how much it'd be?

    Hi mate, had a look at that VCDS map and you're just over the hill from me. Looking to see if you'd possibly be able to assist me on resetting the steering angle sensor? Box of beer your way for the help ;-)
    Hi, Would you be able to help me with VCDS coding for LED taillights retrofitted to a MK6 Golf ?
    Cheers -Gary.
    Hi mate, was pointed in your direction to have a scan done on my car, currently have no heat in the cabin so was looking to have it scanned and see if it's possible to find out what's wrong. Can you give me a price?, cheers.
    Hi Gaz your name comes up on the VCDS map. Was looking to do some tweaks on my a3 but not very good with these things. Any chance of calling over to see you some time.
    Hi there would you be interested in tweaking my a6 sline. I'm looking for needle sweep and fog light cornering to be done. I work in Glasgow and could meet you . Will pay of course
    hi mate if you could mes me the details for the garage that would be great,i am from glasgow so that would suit me fine.


    Gaz, I am keen to get some tweaks done on my two cars. Not sure if I am better just buying the official cable . Keen on your thoughts.

    I see you are close to me on the VCDS map and was wondering if you could possibly check my car as the emission control system light has been on for the last 2 days?


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