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  • Hi can you help I need someone to enable optical parking display using vcds, I don't mind paying.
    Hi there, live in Bury St Edmunds. Have you still got vcds?
    Need to recode a ABS module, I have the code but my vcds has borked.
    Just been looking on the vcds map for someone to sync my keys, cut the story short, I've just replaced the ccm, and have the remote for the ccm, but it won't unlock the car, just lights the hazard switch up for a while...
    If you could help me out it would be appreciated, would rather pay one of you guys than the main dealer...
    Hi mate,
    A while ago you posted on a thread of mine that you owned a 'Y facelift 110 SE'? Please can I ask if you mean you had an 8L or 8P model? Im trying to find if Audi ever made the 8P with either the 90 or the 110 engine in?
    Hope to hear from you,
    Hiya Bud,
    No i aint seen him in ages, even certain i saw his 8L on a transporter the other day, i have mailed him but got no reply, and sure the was a different color 8L outside his house the other day!
    No way, so the beast oil burner 8L is going? B7 eh! Check you out lol.
    Was so close to getting 1 me self but could not resist me B6 Quattro
    How we doing stranger hope you are well??
    Back in a german whip, check out me thread in the welcome section (soon to be back - Yipee)
    Eh up bud
    Just been round his house. Car is there but no one answering. He does work nights though. Rang him aswel leaving him a message. Let ya know if he gets back to me
    Hiya Fella,

    Yeh went for the single mass, car is completely different now, hope ya keeping well, ya had them clocks done yet?

    Hi Bud, long time no speak, hope all is good?

    just wondering when you did your clutch did you go to a single mass fly wheel or stay with the dual?

    Hi Rick

    When do you want to fit that DIS onto your car???

    I'm available now.

    Nice, that one was a octavia.

    Dont reckon you will be having many clutch / gearbox problems now fella.

    Going to start playing with mine soon, was chatting to Vagworld yesterday and he suggested a few things, think thats why his new thread was started. Do you know where he has had that pipe work from, looks the balls?


    Did you have any joy on the gearbox??

    The is a breakers in manchester who had a very solid skoda with a AHF engine in, only done 45k aswel, dont know hat he would want for the box or what the carriage would be.

    Worth a try
    Hi Bud,

    I have had my live data back from Damian, see my new thread - Limp mode, Charge Pressure Control, Positive deviation - Live data.

    See what you think


    Ya should defo know wat you are doing ten, lol

    Yeh just seen that about the tools, yeh buy he kit and give it me mate for the day

    Nice 1 bud
    Hi Bud,

    Have you ever done a cambelt change on these?

    If so what are the things to look out for ?

    Hi Fella,

    If you still have that EGR delete kit i would be very interested,


    alright mate, im defo interested n the rims and can collect asap

    let me know ur details, drop me a text on 07599071816


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