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  • hi there to all members i have a audi a3 2004 2.0 tdi sport 3 door and ive just changed the front springs standard ones for the sport model which mine is but they have been on two days but still not settled in yet do they take a while to bed them selfs in as im getting a clunking noise when im going around corners and over speed humps slowly . how long roughly before i should get them checked out again thought they might have bedded in by now and advice would be appreciated . i have definatly fitted the right ones so can anyone help thanks
    hi there to all members i have just bought a 2006 s3 front bumper just bare bumper and ive found the part numbers for the fogs and the two bottom grills but i need the part number for the big main grill if anyone can help it would be much appreciated tried allover but no joy. thankyou richard
    good evening to all members i wondered if anybody can help ive just bought an audi s3 front bumper from a 2006 and i want to get hold of a nice black grill for it a standard grill would be ok and id get it sprayed black can anybody help with a part number for one for me if possible as there are alot of different ones on the market thankyou much appreciated .
    hi there to all members does anyone out there know were the fuse box is situated on the inside of my audi a3 3 door 2004 model thanks as my interior light has blown my fuse and i want to change it .
    hi there to all members i could do with some help i have a a3 2004 2.0 tdi sport 3 door and i have the chance of getting a s line steering wheel off an a4 with airbag and arnis no buttons on it at all will it fit my a3 and what other fittings will i need for it to fit my a3 will it be expensive to change it over . any help would be appreciated .
    hi there to all members can anyone out there tell me how to take the service reminder off the display panel from my a3 2.0 tdi sport 3 door as my mate has serviced it for me so i want to take it off without going back to the dealers thanks much appreciated
    hi there to all members can anyone tell me if an audi s3 2007 rear diffuser will fit a 2006 s line rear bumper three door thanks
    hi there to all members im looking for a audi s3 rear diffuser to fit my a3 2.0 tdi sport 3 door on a 2004 plate does anyone know of anyone who has one to sell or know were i can get hold of one thanks richard
    hi there members ive just joined and im looking for some advice on my a3 2lt tdi sport on a 2004 plate 3 door which i have the split grill on it and im after a single grill converstion ive bought a 2006 sport bumper a 2006 grill which both fit and a 2006 bonnet which i was told is the easiest way to go but when i hold the grill upto the bonnet there is a gap at either end what am i missing here were its suppose to curl arould the grill at either end there is a gap can anybody help with this thanks
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