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  • Friend, I am Fabio, I am from Brazil and I wanted your help to install the air conditioner model facelift on my a3 8l which is the old one with 2 display.

    If possible, send me an email to keep in touch: fabioroxo@gmail.com
    Yo Danio, you still around?
    Sure i saw your 8L on a trailer a while ago, hope i was wrong,

    How we doing stranger hope you are well??
    Back in a german whip, check out me thread in the welcome section (soon to be back - Yipee)
    Danio, I have purchased the clocks and stalk for my full dis upgrade. I am planning to fit soon. Is it possible for you to make the extra wiring loom for me and send it in the post? I will pay for your time and parts of course.

    Danio hi mate and Happy New Year to you and your relatives!In case you see my msgs please let me know so we can work together in order to make my project come true.Thanks again and take care.

    Damien hi mate.

    When you find some spare time and you read my messages please let me know!I bought the tacho and wiper and need some short of guiding in order to make things happen!

    Friendly John
    Hi Damien

    I'm a little low on funds after Berlin as i have to drive up to you as well as pay for the work :(
    Can you remind me how much if i come to you ? and a postcode so i can work out how much fuel for me to get to you and back then i can see how much i have ;)

    Rick (sorry but this message didn't send me an e mail notification ) rick_piper@hotmail.co.uk
    Eh up fella, was getting worried not heard from you or seen you on here, give us a shout when your back.

    Have you seen the NW meet thread?
    Hi Mate

    I have a 2001 Facelift 1.9 tdi and fancy a full dis

    I currently have the half dis thing
    want to see economy and range (Miles to empty) if possible.

    How much and what else do i need to buy (right stalk ?)

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