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  • Hello mate, Im in the winnersh (reading) area, do you know anyone that can code cruise control on a 57 plate S3? thanks in advance
    Hi Dannykn9, Can you help with fault codes scan/clear as well as activating needle sweep and a couple other bits on my B8? I’m based in North London so pretty easy to meet. Many thanks
    Hi Danny. I was wondering if you could do a scan on my 8P S3 as a fault pops up now and again? I work in Enfield and I can come to you?

    Hello, Danny just bought a rns-e from e bay got a3 2007 with double din concert need fitted and programmed, please can you help from East London, how much your fee for all the works
    Hi Danny, was looking for audi tt sat nav help and found one of your articles you wrote in 2013, i need some help. i have audi tt 2007 3.2 v6. it does not have streering multi media or aux or bluetooth in it. just got boss system and stereo. I saw few audi sat navs been sold on ebay with antenna for like £150-250. I am not sure how to get these installed. Can you kindly guide me, thanks
    Hi there,

    I've got a VW Touran 2010 (old face-lift shape) and was wondering if you could help me enabling some features using VCDS.

    If you could provide me with prices and time, that would be great. I'm based in Enfield too.

    Thank you.

    Hi Danny
    Any chance you have at look at my Audi A4 B8 to code out the reverse lights bulb failure since I installed LED's? Would also like to get needle sweep activated and have the dials and needles illuminated all the time
    Please get in touch so I can book in with you (and re payment/terms)
    Thanks in advance
    Hi danny, i need my rear parking sensors checked / fixed, i think one of them had broken :-/ Im in enfield a lot so i can come to u, cheers
    Danny hi,
    Last year I popped round to yours and you fitted a FBMFSW to my Audi A3 2007 s-line.
    Looks like I may have to replace the indicator stalk now due to an odd problem with the lights indicating one way then the other. Dont think its the relay.
    Anyways how much would you charge to supply part and fit for me?
    Thanks Kevin
    Hi Danny, I found your profile on the forum. Would you be able to unlock the visual display for the rear parking sensors on my 2010 Audi A6 which already has factory installed rear sensors with sound assist. I am based in West London and happy to pay for your services. Thanks Dipesh
    Hi Danny. I live in Enfield and have an A3 Cabrio. I understand the voice control is disabled on these models and am keen to get it reinstated. Is this something that can be done with the kit you have? Cheers. Mark
    Hey Danny Sandra pointed me to you can you do a scan set up for my c6 allroad next week .
    I'm in Woodford not sure where you but we can meet or I come to your.
    Let me know
    Hey mate sandra pointed me to you. Are you about next weekend. Need a few tweaks on my b8 and full scan. Is this something you can help with ?
    Hi Danny, Would you be able to help me program my car? Im changing my headlights from halogen to genuine xenon units.

    PM me a price.

    hi i need a vcds check on my 2011 r8. wanted to come see you today. can you pm me your number? thanks

    I found you on VCDS map. Would it be possible for you do do a few mods for please? The car is an Audi A3 8V Sportback. If you are able to do this, how much would you charge?

    Hi mate, been told about you by a few people about getting to use a vag com. I live in uxbridge and have heard you are close by. I need to configure the coming home lights so that the LED's turn on when I unlock and lock the car on my Audi A3 8P. Could you help? I also need to get a list of coding as the car sometimes hesitates when accelerating and also has been in limp mode. Could you let me know where you are based and if you are able to do the mod.
    Thanks, Karan
    Found you on the vcds map. I was wondering if you could do a bit of coding for me, and clear one fault code (airbag). I'm in chingford and I can come to you where ever you like. Naturally I'll sort you out with some greenbacks. Thanks in advance.
    Hi mate I am a fellow gooner like you was wondering if
    You could help me with a sensor adaptation for
    A 2010 mk6 golf

    Thanks in advance
    Hi there,

    I found you after doing a search on the VCDS map. Am looking to have a few settings changed / items activated on my new A3 Saloon and was wondering if you would be able to help:

    Permanent Instruments illumination.
    Seat Belt Chime / Warning deactivation.
    Visual Parking (Rear only) on MMI (Standard).
    Needle Sweep.
    Acoustic (Alarm Beep) on Lock.
    Acoustic (Alarm Beep) on UnLock.
    Acoustic Lock Menu.

    I am located in Muswell Hill and can travel to you with no issues.

    Many thanks in advance!
    As Ash said before mate, you need to perform basic settings, and the only way by doing so us with VCDS.
    You have two options, but a genuine cable from NHN or travel to someone who has VCDS, even if it means an hour or so drive.
    Both options will still be a lot cheaper than taking to the dealers, and then they will probably say you need a new ABS module, lol]
    from an old post

    Hi mate,
    i can see this is an old post but i seem to have this problem and only bought the car two weeks ago.

    0810 Sensor 1/2 For Brake Pressure - No or Wrong Adaption
    0778 Steering Angle Sensor (G85) - No or Wrong Adaption
    01423 Lateral Acceleration Sensor (G200) - No or Wrong Adaption

    They are the problems i have on my Audi a3 2.0 tdi,
    i see you have a vcds, do you think you wil be able to repair?
    Hello, I saw you on the VCDS map, I was wondering if you could do a fault scan for me on my 2004 Audi A3 8p. I'm in North London, Tottenham but I can travel to you, let me know if you can help, thanks.
    Dan mate, cheers for doing my cruise control, will recommend you to others, work was professional and you made sure it was working before leaving. Saved me from visiting Audi Stealerships to get it done..cheers
    Hi Dan thanks for your input on my wheel quiery, your help would be appricieated.

    Shall I get the Airbag and wheel part numbers??

    Then you may be able to tell if it can fir mine. Will you be able to code as well??

    My number is 07921777050

    text me your number


    Hi Danny,
    I'm after cruise control fitted to my 57 plate a3, how much would it cost.
    heyy danny, i have a 2007 A4 which i bought last week. trying to get the navigation dvd out but the eject function has been disabled. any chance your able to look at this for me??

    nik. 07411194487
    Hi mate I hear your the man to turn on rear drl on my s3 2007. How much please and where are you based. Thanks big harty
    Hi Danny, I have a 2007 Q7 which had the mmi 2g 5570 firmware update and so needs the battery meter and speed warnings reinstated, as well as the nav dvd drive unlocked. Your help would be appreciated if you can, I'm based in SE London, but of course happy to travel up to where you are. Thanks in advance. My email address is q7@somto.screaming.net.
    Hi Danny,

    Please could you give me a price to install cruise control on my 2010 A3? Reg is KM10 YNV. Chassis number: WAUZZZ8P2AB024760.

    I'm in Ipswich but I can come to you or meet.

    Many thanks
    Hey man, just an enquiry about retrofitting cruise control to an 8P A3, 2009. Do you fit or supply and fit? What are the costs attached matey? Cheers!

    Hi mate I've heard you can retrofit cruise control, I have and Audi s4 b5, can you help me put this in?
    I have the control stick and wiring loom, I live in south London, so not too far, please mesh back or call/text on 07886000462
    Hello mate I was wondering if you would be kind enough and some free time to help me and have a quick look and do a VAGCOM scan to my car.
    I`m going away with the car this Friday and if you can help with scan today or tomorrow evening will be perfect.

    Car is audi a6 3.0tdi quattro 2006, no mods/remaps done.

    There is no engine lights or what ever on the dash showing a problem. The car is bad on fuel and some times feels like is under power. I want to see what the scan will show up before I start changing MAF,MAP and etc. I believe that is possible this kind of sensors to be check with vag that they operate in the way they should? Thank you.
    Hi Danny

    Reading all the glowing recommendations about you.

    Thinking of fitting Cruise to my 2006 A3 8P 170 TDi sport. I'm in Bushey, near watford. What sort of money are we talking about and do I need to get the bits? If so where do you recommend?

    Kindest regards

    Hey mate do you have full Rosstech? could you please scan my S3 at some point if you're free?

    Cheers mate

    Text or call me on 07595907644

    Cheers again!
    Hi danny, I PM'd you but I think the procedure is to post a message here? lol

    Wasn't sure.

    Anyway, I wanted to know if it'd be possible for me to come down some time to use your cable plz?

    I have an Audi A5 and wanted to caryy out some tweaks on it

    Lemme know plz mate

    call/txt if its easier: Mo 07886493130

    hello there mate, need your assistance with a vcds scan if you can help.
    i've got a low down power loss and would like to test things like maf sensor and boost sensor etc.
    Let me know if you can help.
    Cheers Tam
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