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  • Spot on, I can post you a cheque, when it clears you can post onto me then. I don't have paypal etc. Touch base with you when your home from suning yourself. Enjoy.
    Hi Alan,

    Sorry I've been on holiday to Turkey!

    Yes I would be prepared to do that but I may add £5 on top depending on how much it costs to do as opposed to you UK.

    Hope that helps.

    great to hear. I'm based in firhouse, dublin. I only have the car 2 months but not having alot of luck with it really.I seem to have a boost leak somewhere, so when i get that sorted i want to get it remapped and then a tip like yourself. Where are you based?
    A good bit of kit. Definitely helps out with the top end, the engine doesnt choke any more. Fitted it myself, not hard to do at all. Took about an hour or so. Would highly recommend it as it will only compliment any other engine mods and re maps. Where abouts are you based. If you need any help give me a call 0877668414.
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