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    Climate control panel buttons

    I used some modelling paint on mine, not quite thick enough so the light can show through a little in the wrong areas but it's a quicker and easier fix than taking it all out and vinyl. And, it's lots better than the marker pen route that I tried and realised was **** too! I was of the opinion...
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    A little Audio help for OEM Sub and Amp wiring

    Cheers Woorlord. I'm going to set some time aside on the bank hol and tap into 1,3 and the common negative 2 to put a clean line level into the amp, yep, it does have an internal cross over and low / high pass etc so will see how it goes. It's not so much Boom boom more additional pep up on the...
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    A little Audio help for OEM Sub and Amp wiring

    Woorlord and AndyMac thanks very much for this info, I know a little but not a lot, I just wouldn't have known it was possible to share a negative, maybe you do learn something every day. So if the amp only powers the rear speakers does the 'tuppa ware' sub have it's own internal amp? I'm...
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    A little Audio help for OEM Sub and Amp wiring

    Just tried following the 23 pin diagram above and got the remote wire shown as 9 which was great, but, when I tried to tap into 1 and 3 they don't have a positive + or negative - they're just a single cable, I'd made and prepped phono/RCA's to go into the amp but just couldn't figure out how to...
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    18" rs6 wheels,,dunno if m feelin em

    Look forward to pics being posted up once it's done!
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    Some alloy wheel help/advice

    These do look like the 10 spoke bi colour (Black/Grey inner + polished face) version of the Mk 2 TT 18" alloys available as an upgrade on the 2.0's and standard on the 3.2. As James said, MK2 TT only as they're a 5x112 PCD, TT wheels generally have a 245 tyre if they're the right tyres on them...
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    Show us ya "dope" wheels!! Big or small!!

    Just uploaded another pics to FLKR B6 on 20" D2 VAD Wheels:
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    Show us ya "dope" wheels!! Big or small!!

    Aye, the X5's are nice. Surely they must be worth quite a bit to offset against the cost of some new ones. I like the idea of the AMG's, you got pics for ref? 1k for wheels only sounds v expensive. Range Rover wheels? Or is that just daft? What about the Porsche Cayenne, do they have 20's on...
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    spent the morning carbonizing lol makes a big difference

    My climate control plus some other sections plastics were awful too. I tried marker pen but it was too shiney, the coating is almost rubberised so I looked into plastic type paint and ended up with acrylic paint that people use on airfix models etc, it's not 100% but it's pretty damn close I...
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    I'd be too worried I'd crack the paint but intrigued by this.... Shame the video was low quality, crazy stuff!
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    Show us ya "dope" wheels!! Big or small!!

    Holmefield. Go get em, bosh em on and share the pics, I thought 19's were pushing the bounaries but after seeing the Q7 20's I'm intrigued to see more and seemingly it's going to be you who does it! Good stuff...
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    Avant v's Saloon??

    Is that for me James? Got one, I work from the car and the amount of gear I carry won't fit under it, got bungee cords and all that jazz to keep things together though.
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    Show us ya "dope" wheels!! Big or small!!

    20" Q7's on a B6, MEGA.
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    Avant v's Saloon??

    Boredom strikes huh. My avant is the first estate car I've owned and whilst it's practical it is annoying to hear stuff sliding and rattling around in the boot if it's not all neatly secured but otherwise the versatility side of things and the looks are brill. I reckon you'll miss it especially...