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  • Stevie E

    Need some help man, air bag light is on after fidling with the glove box to run some speaker cables

    In Norbury, give me a shout 07946 463 370
    Hi mate sorry to bother you but saw you on here. I’m in Biggin hill got a new A3 and had an issue with the dash dials which were repaired and are ok now. But also have an airbag light that wasn’t there before. Have removed glove box to fix a dented passenger dash other wise some damp under floor. My chap code read won’t pick up any codes and the pre purchase mechanic didn’t get any codes either. Tah
    Hi Stevie e, I am new owner of a 2013 Audi A1. Recently a number of faults have appeared on the dashboard. I live locally to you and was hoping that I might be able to bring my car along for you to hook it up and see what the actual faults are. I would also like you advice on who I should be taking the car to to fix the issues identified. I can be contacted on 07410078007. Thx Abs
    hello stevie, I live not to far away from you, would I be able to get some fault codes from you for a drink? I'm new to all this but got a few issues with my audi a3, would be amazing if I could get a text from you 07977821265
    Hi Stevie,I have no idea how to send PM;) Hopefully you will find this message here.I was wondering if you could help me with few features that I can unlock in my A7 with some help of your VCDS. I work in New Addington.Kind regards.Jarek
    Hi mate,

    yes, I only stuck it up the other day, but i've still got it.

    Its the one with the added Blutetooth act so was £127, i've used it about 4 weeks and decided to buy one of those Parrot head units with GPS and all that stuff so don't need it now. All the bits are there and working etc. Looking for £90.


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