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  • Hello my friend I have been sent by an admin to you. Hope all is well. Need help with my car as you have a vcds. If you could reply would be great. Thanks
    Hi, hope all is well with you, I am still enjoying the car, fitted folding wing mirrors, reversing camera, OEM bluetooth telephone and changed all the I interior
    trim to Carbon fibre from a RS4.
    Anyway the question is, do you remember when you bought the new car battery, Bosch S5 from eurocarparts? didn't find a receipt in the paperwork,
    Hi Chets, Having replaced G450 sensor on my A4, I need to perform its calibation/adaption through VCDS. I would appreciate if you could help? Thanks
    Hi Mate. I am located in Dedworth. An airbag light has come on. I could do with a scan of the car. A new bumper and front panel have been fitted. I think it is to do with the sensors at the front of the car. Please let me know before a price for a scan before i have to go to the garage.Cheers
    Hi Jamie,
    Apologies for the late reply. I don't seem to get email notifications!
    Do you still need a scan?
    Hi chets sorry for some reason I hadn't been notified you had replied!

    Thanks for getting back to me though!
    Yeh that would be brilliant if you give me a hand and let me know what you think might be wrong, where abouts are you?

    Hi Carl,

    I'm having the same issue, i'm not getting notified when i receive a new messgae. Sorry for the late response. Do you still need me to check it?
    Hello Chets

    i started a conversation with you but i dont know if thats how you send a pm to others on the forum or not? i thought maybe then it would notify us both properly, if your still available i could definitely do with your expertise...

    i'll leave my email in the "conversation" i started with you so maybe we can actually both get notified this time! lol

    many thanks

    Hi, took battery out and few coding now needed because of that:
    1. window before was one touch open/close now you have to hold
    2. the dashboard middle bit with mpg needs updating to my model (2011)

    My car audi a3 2.0 tdi s line 2011.
    Email me if u can plz, located slough
    Hi Chets,

    My Audi A4 (58 reg) has got some electric issues:

    1. Cruise control stopped working
    2. Tyre pressure warning light is always on
    3. Retro-fitting of hill start assist

    Wonder if you can help.

    Many thanks in advance.
    Hi Chets, Saw that you have a VCDS and your local to me near M'head. Need a hand with a quick RNS-E AUX input enablement for my Spotify/tablet project, would really appreciate it if you could drop me a quick message if you have a second? Thanks :blackrs4:
    Hello, I am fitting Cruise and DIS, have you experience in coding these up on a 2006 a4 B7 ? I am in high Wycombe ? I would very much appreciate some help. :) Thanks in advance Jolyon
    Good evening, I hope you're having a good weekend so far? Just wondered what your vcds skills are like, have you ever coded up cruise and dis? I've fitted the bits and realised I probably can't code it with my lite version of vcds!
    Many thanks in advance, kind regards Jamie
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