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    I fitted mine on monday night (54 plate 1.9tdi), all spot on with no probs, a big thanks to PJMSpeedy and Mrmule who reported which kits they had successfully used with no errors, i bought the same kit and now share the same success with this kit. My mate put them in his B7 with no issues...
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    pics of your lowered audi a4 plz

    MrJeehta, when you say problems, what problems are caused, any arch chaffage??
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    Another question about lowering and wheels....sorry!

    Has anyone got any pics of their car on lowering springs alone, please state which kit and lowering amount, any issues etc, i intend to use my original shocks, any help would really be appreciated.:cool:
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    Arial Atom

    Sorry but, just buy a fcuking bike!!!!! Plus everyone thinks your a w@nker for buying a car that you get wet in???? Wots the point:wacko:
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    Ford Escort RS Cosworth

    Bit late guys i know, but i have to disagree with Serpico here with his comment on Jap 4x4's with turbos, not in standard form it wouldnt..... Ive had one of these, i wanted one for ages, gorgeous looking with such a presence, as the old addage goes, 'never meet your heroes', not a truer...
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    Vauxhall Nova's

    :iagree: Owned by chavvs then, the very few little rotters that are left are still owned by chavvs, just needed a full on chav out burberry paint job.:puke2:
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    Mk1 Golf

    ARRRRRHGGGGGHHH.... This brings back so many memories and regrets, i miss my 83 (A) Mars Red Mk1 Campaign like buggery, i sold it 7 years ago for £1500, 63000 miles owned from brand new by my dad...... really really regret that as it was pretty much concours..wot a **** i am, i then moved onto a...
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    What to look for in A4 TDI 130 SE Avant 53' plate

    I bought mine with 69k, now done 83k, touch wood not a sausage. There generally ok, 1.8t's seem to have quite a few issues with engine and as above the gearbox, you'll have less issues with a diesel generally. Be as worried about accident damage as much as anything. Glove boxes lids are a common...
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    B6 Remap

    I'm not dismissing MRC, i was merely pointing out that i already tried 2 no-namers and they werent for my car, im not saying that MRC are no namers but ive never heard of them, so i bit the bullet and had the best available. Sometimes you get what you pay for. Ive never heard of MRC, maybe they...
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    About to top up your oil? STOP!! Read this first.

    Sorry to wind back a bit but 95% of 1.8t.s lettin go is due to them being on Longlife servicing, it just doesnt suit the 1.8 T, keep it regularly changed and itll be ok, run it on longlife servicing and it'll sludge up and the motor will give way, this doesnt happen in golf's or A3's, its purely...
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    Got mine from Cheshire Oaks Audi (main dealer) £24.98 inc VAT. And they are the bendy banana aero's.:footy:
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    B6 Remap

    Definatly yes, my mate has the same car as me but he has a cheapo £250 remap on his, his car actually feels a little faster to drive but thats because him map has just loaded the turbo with boost, when the boost and all the wheelspin has gone (3k ish) it pulls no better than a standard 130...
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    Leather steering wheel

    Have you thought about one of those stretchy furry leopard skin ones that motorworld sell ?? Just a thought...:tumble:
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    B7 steering wheel into a B6

    How about buying a B7?? Problem solved....:footy:
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    How does the ESP work?

    I'm with Jase on this one, if you have any knowledge about controlling a fwd when understeering then i find esp just ****** interferes and makes it worse:ninja::sex: