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  • hi mate, sorry for late reply, yes i have a good injector somewhere, breaking a few cars so i have spares...
    Hi there
    I am from Hereford too .;-)
    Can you tell me please
    something about chip and spin
    they good?
    how long they are on market ?
    how many cars they remmaped already?
    can you say they are top in UK in this job ?
    what can be diffrent between them and othere like revotechnik etc?
    they do full service before and after ecu-remmap ,like vag ( checking for error etc )
    they looked after when they doing remmaping
    not any more of smoke
    Maybe you dont mind and tommorow small local events ?
    Do you know maybe some more audi fans from Hereford ?
    Cheers for any information
    Thank you very much
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