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  • Hiya mate, if you can remove the light lense covers then its just a straight swap for the bulbs - i used the prism ones available at Halfords - when i start the car the "light bulb warning light" will pop up but once you've put the lights on this will clear within a couple of seconds.

    Hope this helps, all the best, Chris
    hi, ive got no idea what hieght, as the car was on coil overs when i got it, and then i had new coilovers fitted at psi tuning in stoke, but to give you an idea theres about 20mm inbetween the arch and the tyre on the front and no gap on the rear
    No I looked at one there but didn't buy it. You live local then? I'm from gloucester
    Hi mate, hope your well - if your looking at the red lights underfloor I actually went to audi and bought some of the side light covers that are on the side of the door and are red and then swapped them over! You can only do the fronts though as the rears are a different colour - if your strugling i can dig out the part numbers for you no worries.

    Best wishes

    Just looking at your car, did you buy your car from pioneer automotive in cheltenham?

    Hi, thanks for the message, i would be interested in your wheels but feel from your description they maybee too good, i will be having them painted probly dark grey so condition is not so important as they can be re-furbed whilst at the painters, i only want to pay £250-£300 MAX DELIVERD, so that may not be enough for you.

    Thanks anyway,


    p.s. Any pics or yours!!
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