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  • hi , were you advertising some rs3 lower door blades on ebay not too long ago ? if so are they still for sale bud and how much posted ?
    Hey Shady....

    What size are the wheels you have just refurb'd?

    If they are 18's and will fit perfectly on my 8P, I am interested.

    Thanks. :)
    if i get around £280-297 plus delivery i will be a happy man.
    if you have a contact number i can call you and discuss further.
    Thanks for the reply. I dont want to call you as I am over in Greece on vacation till the 6th. Whats the best price you would accept and would you be prepared to post them over to Stockholm Sweden. I am fairly serious and am not trying to mess you about....the fitment is good....except I was holding out for 19's...not 18's. Am in no hurry so if you want to try and flog them in the UK an then all else fails, come back to me and we can sort something out. I can't use them until March / April cause of the weather in Sweden so no rush from my side, but I have the cash waiting if the price is right.
    Let me know the score.

    Thanks for tip. They look pretty good and one of the shapes I need to match the year of the car. Only thing is they are 18's and I was hanging out for 19's....maybe.....need to check the offset...and I will come clean...I know feck all about offsets and such like when it comes to wheels....I know they will fit but I need to do some homework. Secondly it's the postage issue. Am in that's a no no....Would you be prepared to send them to Edinburgh / Glasgow safely and the such?

    Do you have a reserve on them?

    It's a difficult time I have just spunked a grand on getting the kit fitted, so cash leading up to Crimbo could be challenging. Clearly, you will want the best price on Fleabay...and good luck.....if they don't sell....please keep me in mind.

    Let me do my sums and ask for some info on the wheels and actual size, and I appreciate you passing me the info.

    All the best
    Thanks for tip. They look pretty good and one of the shapes I need. Only think is they are 18
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