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  • Alright Mike hope your cool and had a good new year aftet.
    There another KK meet check the link in my sig, i promise i will be there longer this time aswell. hopefully see you there mate
    Im fine thanks yourself? Ahh got to be done, i've booked myself in for the next three saturdays for overtime so get double time plus extra £250 :) so got to be done lol. Haha dont i've not even started on my interior all i got is piano black inlay lol. Still need leather seats....I got the old style S3/S-line steering wheel had that for about a year. But as you said need the flat bottom steering wheel.
    Yeah they will work, you need a new slip ring and module if im correct. A few of the guys have done it. Yes £500 is alot but it does change the apperance of the interior.

    Was a good day mate, weather could of been a bit better but never rained and was a good turn out by ASN 43 cars :) Check my thread out will post some photos up from ADI in there.

    I'll speak to you soon.


    Sorry to bother you mate. Just seeing if your going ADI this saturday? You got the work vehicle sorted yet?
    Gutted! never mind mate at least its sold eh

    Yea we will have to see about this noise thing keep me posted im interested as i get a noise but only when i start up and mine is no way lower than your stance.

    Cheers anyways

    Oh dear, doesn't sound good

    Steering wheel is gone i'm afraid mate

    I think the noise is just due to the fact the driveshafts are stretched so much due to being so low

    Once i have her back on standard suspension i bet it goes away
    Mike i can remember you saying you were looking for a new dsg shifter i found this on ebay thought you may be interested in it :) Audi TT S-LINE DSG GEAR KNOB SHIFT KNOB RIGHT HANDLED on eBay (end time 16-Sep-10 16:04:12 BST)
    Cheers for that Mike :) I'll be buying these tomorrow...Its was only yesterday Mike give yourself a break lol. Haha you seen the photos from the show of your car i took? There one i think from the rear car looks awesome with the stance and alloys. Lava grey is the way forward ha ;)
    I'm alright got the car back yesterday will update the thread with the issues when i cant be ***** haha.
    Alright Mike

    How it going? You still going AITP this sunday?
    what time you aiming to be there and leaving? Was gonna say if you wanted to met me and few of the other guys on the way up?

    Ahh gutted we will have to meet up at another meet or something

    Take care and have a nice time

    Yeh I was leaving to go back up north, I won't be at audis in the park as I'm away with family.

    Hope your well.
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