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  • I can also offer the 034 motorsport coil conversion kit. It is all black. I can offer a slightly cheaper price on the 034 than i can on the IE. Just more info to confuse you lol
    Just to be clear, you only want the coil pack adapters & coilpacks? You dont want/need the conversion kit?

    Integrated Engineering Coilpack Adapter Set For Bolt Down 1.8T Engines With FSI/TSI Coilpacks - Billet Accessories
    OEM Red Coilpack for 2.0T FSI
    Integrated Engineering Coil Conversion and ICM Delete Kit for 058 1.8T - Gauges & Electronics
    I should get some final prices tonight dan. I am just waiting to hear from the other customer as well so i can then get a good deal on shipping. I will be in touch asap.


    Thats really good mate.

    i also want these in red:

    Integrated Engineering Coilpack Adapter Set for 1.8T with FSI/TSI Coilpacks

    so how much would the above along with the shifter bushes be including delivery mate?

    Hi Eddie, Thanks for message your the guy doing the podi gauges too right?? On the original engine mounts one has an electrical connector but i believe the o34 ones don't. Would i have to have this removed via vcds. Thanks Tommy
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