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Feb 25, 2021 at 11:11 AM
Oct 14, 2007
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cabriolet, from The Lounge

VCDS Map User
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Feb 25, 2021 at 11:11 AM
    1. Pius
      Hi Guys,
      Need to get rid of my ESP light, after removing the steering wheel. I think the clock spring is in the wrong position, as it popped out and I wound it back up and re-fitted it. Not sure if this now needs a new clock spring or can be re-set before I replace it. I am in the Croydon area, so if anyone can recommend a sensibly priced VCDS user in the area, I would be grateful?
      1. Pius
        Hi, don't worry sorted now without VCDS thanks. Reset the clock spring, put everything back, started the car, full left hand lock, full right hand lock and drove forwards for 15metres. ESP light went off.
        Aug 27, 2020
    2. hugotownedesign
      Hi there @1wheelonly , wondered if you could help me with some coding on my MK2 TTS for cash. I'm based in Loughborough.
    3. derverd
      hello dude, need a job doing with VCDS in Ellistown, can you help for cash, thanks, dave
    4. Jacob Thomas Teagle
      Jacob Thomas Teagle
      Hello, I saw that you are in Coalville on the map and I’m looking to have very very basic coding done on my MK5 Golf. I just want to make doors lock when driving, doors unlock when key removed, both doors unlock on key, enable footwell lighting and change length of guide me home lighting. I’m in Bagworth if you still do any of the coding Cheers
    5. eugenesamuels
      Hi mate are you still doing coding I need Audi drive select coding in to use through my mmi unit thanks
    6. Adamgopro
      hi there

      i have an audi a3 2008 facelift sline i have just purchased the bi-xenon headlights and need to use vcdd to code the lights are you able to help?
    7. irfan.khalifa
      Morning, I'm in Leicester looking for someone with a VAGCOM/VCDS to retrofit AMI, could you help me out please?? Thanks in advance mate
    8. JuanPablo
      Hi mate, I'm in Nottingham looking for someone with a VAGCOM/VCDS, are you able to help at all?
    9. RichPDG
      Good morning, I'm in Leicester and was wandering if you are free for an hour or so this weekend to do some coding for me if possible? Thanks in advance
    10. Holly Rachael
      Holly Rachael
      Good morning i'm in LE67 and needing Vagcom desperately at some point today :( Can you please message me, thank you in advance.
    11. CraigGB
      Good afternoon, i am after a couple of VCDS services please, i would like my DIS stalk enabling and the 2 button press to unlock doors removing. I live in Hinckley so not far. can you do this please? regards Craig
    12. adamriley13
      Are you doing any VCDS services?Looking to add vim to my Audi A3 8v
    13. James Powell
      James Powell
      Hi mate, any chance you're still helping with the VCDS? I'd like some help with coding some new features into my car
    14. Simon octyvrs
      Simon octyvrs
      Hi mate, just bought a mapped ecu from a friend, I was wandering if you could do an immobilizer defeat for me, its stopping the ecu from working, its a 1.8t octavia vrs? I'm only in Leicester so I can come to you?
      Thanks ☺
    15. General85
      Hi mate,

      You still offering vcds services? Need a few bits doing on mk4 golf. Drop me a message if you can help.

    16. A4_MaJiK
      Hi mate, need to code in AUX on my RNS-E unit on my A4 B7. I'm not far from yourself (Leicester) so just drop me a message or give me a call if you like.

      Cheers, Az.

      077 566 72 776
    17. Søren Skovbo Larsen
      Søren Skovbo Larsen
      Dear 1wheelonly,

      I'm new here, found you on a veeery long journey of trying to figure out if it's possible to install the A3 8V steering wheel in a TT 8J. And I see that you have done this!
    18. Søren Skovbo Larsen
      Søren Skovbo Larsen
      I won't take your time by asking how you did it, but would be glad just to know if you managed to get the airbag and the control buttons to work properly - to know if it is possible at all. Would really like this steering wheel in my TT.
    19. Søren Skovbo Larsen
      Søren Skovbo Larsen
      Thank you in advance.

      Best regards
    20. Ervid
      I have a 2012 Audi A3 I just installed a rns e sat nav but the vehicle is fitted with aux and this is no longer working with the new unit I was wondering how much it would be to get it coded. I'm located in the West Midlands area thanks
    21. Mart838
      Hi there, saw you on the map and wondered if you could give me some help. I have an a4 cab and it dropped into limp mode this morning. I live in Hugglescote so quite near, definitely worth a beer or 2 if you can assist. Martin
    22. lagoonjsh
      Hey mate got your details off the VCDS map and was just wondering if you could help me find why/what sensor is causing my esp light to stay on?


    23. Goldenballs
      Hey mate, found you via the VCDS map. Would you be willing to help me diagnose a ECM light on my 2.0T A3?
    24. ash_pearce
      Hi mate do you still have vcds? Need a dpf adaptation doing as I've demapped my car and refitted a new dpf. I'm in limp mode but willing to try and get to you (im in leicester) please help cheers ash
    25. newbster
      hi there

      are you still active with the VCDS?

      If so , how much to enable cruise control on a 2003 A3 tdi (8L)

      i will purchase stalk and fit it, just need it enbabling, and and maybe the steering whel sensor reseting if i mess it up

      i can come to you, i'm in newton burgoland
      cheers fella
    26. sublime
      i got your details from the VCDS map as posted by by sandra on the forum. would you help me read the code on my A4 cab 2005 - the ECM light has come on,

    27. Alan Westley
      Alan Westley
      Hi There 1 Wheelonly I have a B6 S4 cabby and have been told you can help me to fit the B7 rear light so they light up properley, I live in Cannock in the Midlands and have the B7 lights waiting to fit.
    28. mikea4
      Hi 1wheelonly

      wonder if your intereseted in helping activate my bluetooth on a mmi 3g unit on a 59 A4? looks like it coding only and all codes on the web? Let me know only the otherside of leicester so could easily travel to yours with beer tokens???
    29. Macdoon
      Hi fella, i will be looking to have bluetooth fitted to my rns-e navplus soon(when finished some other mods lol), having read a number of posts obviously your the guy to do job, where are you mate

    30. khalil
      hi mate dropped you a pm
    31. gazsutton
      that sensor worked mate no light flashed up since.
    32. gazsutton
    33. vrbob
      You about for some telephone support now?
    34. ninja mafia
      ninja mafia
      thought id affended u ! or you,d got lost in them tits !!!!!!!! ,sorry my fault im a f 1 dork when it comes to matters i.t .only just worked out how to pm ? sent u a few messages but **** know were they went ? tryd to fit 1 into headrest ,they look toss ,even after cutting all guts out ,headrest not deep enough ,gona put them on brackets 4 now ,as will put rs6 leather in when i win pools hahahahah , but got all leads and stuff ,dont know were to put player ?prob in boot ,can we set all my voice control for phone and nav up next time ? do i need owt to make it work ,or are u like an audi brain surgen ..... nice 1
    35. LOGY
      hi their ne chance you can help me with the install of a rs4 wheel in my a4 cab on 2004???
    36. dans3.0
      Just thought is it black colour ? just assumed it was but better check!!!

    37. 1wheelonly
    38. ST09
      Hi Mate,

      Just dropping you a pm regarding Ipod Interface.


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