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  • Good morning MiT,
    As you describe below, keeping less junk in a car gets my vote. Always easy to make use of additional storage space for coins/business cards etc... and clutter starts to spill out.

    My cars have always been 3dr and giving lifts to more than one person is never a great experience for them squeezing in and out from the back. Normally my parents!! lol. Totally agree with you.

    I have a photo of your car as my screen saver. The more I see Amalfi the more I am liking it. When I am driving I see the odd A1 in that colour only. I think the mini has a cream colour which is closer to the amalfi than any other I have seen.

    Looks like I will need to reinvest in more cleaning materials for the new car. That link you provided of the 20year old putting that amount of effort into cleaning a car is a rareity.

    Glad you are enjoying the new car and fingers crossed I do not have to wait too much longer. Seeing some people with lengthy build dates is worrying.
    i guess it makes sense, about the space i was referring to the random places to keep cds and coins etc. less space in the glove box due to mmi unit, so less space for junk i guess. there is a box under the drives seat to keep stuff but not under the passenger unlike my old A3, i use to keep an air freshner and wet wipes in one and after shave in the other. :) There was also a small slot near the steering wheel to keep cards and change as well, this is also gone. But no big deal. I guess it means i keep less junk in the car, also now with the SD card slot i don't need any CD's, so actually saves space.

    In terms of boot space and leg space, there is plenty off this ;)
    Also loads of air bags so great for family safety.
    I would have bought of 5 door my self , my old 3 door was a pain for friends and family to get in and out.
    (i have no kids)

    either way you are defo going to like the car, today i noticed the slight difference in dynamic mode and efficiency. Great tech in the car.
    The amalfi colour was always a bone of contention for me. I would have liked to have had Ibis white. I have never owned a white car before. I have had reds and blacks (last car was black and a pain to keep clean/the swirls in direct sunlight annoyed the hell out of me). I wanted a change. The Glacier is a bit too bright/clinical. Amalfi is less common & different. I actually think the A3 S-line in amalfi would look better with black alloys. I have seen an A1 in that combo and I am considering this. Somebody on the site made an observation about the chrome edging/seals around the windows. I am not a big fan of that and I am in agreement that the amalfi does mask/offset the chrome around the windows which really stands out against the darker colours.
    The reason for a 5dr (sportback) is that my wife is pregnant and I am now having to embrace a family car. :faint:
    I am about to email Audi Ridgeway to see if the dates have come forward for my order.
    Good afternoon MiT,

    Great to hear that you are enjoying the new car, both the actual drive/engine and the interior aspects. Quite surprised that you have less space. I really thought the new model with a new chasis/longer wheelbase would give slightly more interior room and boot capacity. I have never owned an Audi so I cannot make the comparison in the flesh, only on paper from the dimensions.
    Hi Steve,

    Loving it, so smooth and responsive. Still getting use to it, love the interior. Not as much space to store items as the old 8P though, i have actually grown to Amalfi, shows the lines more. Also not as common. but then it all depends on what you like ;)

    your welcome regarding the pics, just havnt had the time to post some better one.

    got three days training in Coventry, driving from Birmingham so should get some good time in it.
    Good morning MiT,

    How are you finding the new car? Drives well? Happy with your choice of colour?

    Mid-May cannot come round quick enough for me.

    I think the Amalfi is more classy than the glacier.

    Thanks again for posting those photos.
    Hello MiT,

    I am new to the Audi-Sport website and from reading several threads I noticed that you have on order the new Audi A3 Sportback in Amalfi white. Have you taken delivery yet and if you have, any chance I can see a photo of it???

    I have ordered the same car (S-line) in Amalfi white. Not so sure if I should amend the order or not as the Glacier White does look good but I thought the creaminess of the Amalfi would be something different.

    Anyway, hope your car gets to you soon if you have not yet taken delivery.

    ah, there was a typo somewhere, think i missed a word out, but for some reason after writing a second post you cant go in an edit it.

    I actually have an ipod :) And yes i do not agree they are the best things out there but hey that's my opinion and you are entailed to yours. and they are good phones.

    and i understand you have to cater for the larger market and i guess a few years ago they had the biggest market share which makes sense to go for Apple.

    No problem, at least i know now.
    thanks for the honest feedback.
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