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    Facelift Oval Exhaust refurb

    How glossy is the finish? Does it match up ok with the diffuser? Looking to purchase from and the helpful chap said it does give a slightly more satin finish than full Audi gloss black. thoughts?
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    Google maps are no more!

    It can be fixed with a simple upgrade from a good VAG coder.
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    Facelift Replacing Sport seats with Super Sport seats...

    Just contemplating taking the plunge and replacing my sport seats with Super Sports... I've seen a few online but condition is not always perfect. So my question is, are the base sections of the seats interchangeable between sport and Super Sport? I believe the rears come apart and are...
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    Has Anybody Fitted the Wagner Evo 1 Intercooler?

    Had mine on the car for just over a year now. Stage 1 FL running 505hp - perfect for the job and an easy install with no mods required.
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    Extended Leather

    Keep hunting, they do come up on ebay. As above I've been keeping an eye out since 2017 :sorrow:
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    Extended Leather

    With red stitching? No I don't think so - came across one or two with white stitch.
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    Extended Leather

    Apologies for resurrecting an old post but I've just completed a swap from my standard arm rests to extender leather.... with the added OEM Carbon fibre as an extra bonus :rockwoot: I've been hunting these things down since buying the car (RS3) back in 2017. Crescendo red stitch is rare! I...
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    Castle Combe - Action Day Finale 2020

    1) AudiNutta - RS3 Sportback 2) Josh - TT Sport 3) James - B6 A4 Avant 4) Steff s3 - B8 RS4 5) Paulbean - RS3 Saloon 6) Molly - A1 S Line 7) 1664Hatter (Dan)- RS3 Sportback 8) 9) 10)
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    Facelift Servicing question...

    Interestingly I've just had a card through the door to say MOT & Brake fluid change is now due on the car and do I want to get it booked in... So brake fluid change required @ 3 years old?
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    Facelift Eibach Pro problems.....

    Nope, sleeved ends of the spring are to the bottom of the damper.
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    Facelift Eibach Pro problems.....

    I give up then.. . :sos:
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    Facelift Eibach Pro problems.....

    Just thumbing through images on my phone a found a picture of the springs pre-install... Anyone know of the sleeves need to be positioned at the very end of the spring and not as pictured here?
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    Facelift Taking my RS3 FL to stage 1...

    So..... Been a while since I updated on progress with the car and a fair bit has gone on. In summary, I've installed a 3inch Unitronic inlet, 034 Motorsport intake, lowered the car and fitted spacers. The car has also been mapped by Revo to Stage 1, had the Stage 1 removed and now re-mapped by...
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    Facelift Servicing question...

    I had did an oil change after the first 8k. Second oil change was as per Audi schedule at 16k / 2 years Just not sure why there is an inspection service due in 60 days but no oil change due until another year/17k. I'll be changing the oil again regardless before it comes off the road in...
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    Facelift Servicing question...

    Hi all, My car was last serviced by Audi last October - having their full inspection service which included an oil change @ 16k miles / 2 years old. The read out on the car currently states next oil service is due in 17,000 miles or 360 days. Inspection service however states 17,000 miles or...