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  • Hi Marc,

    I see you have VCDS from the 'Members list of VCDS owners'.

    Would it be possible for you to run it on my A6?

    Recently tried to update my MMI software to get a better compatibility with my iPhone and it has gone a bit pear shaped to say the least.

    If you are familar with the update I have had trouble updating 'Handyvorb2' on CD2. Keep getting the message 'Error 152 from device'.

    Believe it may be a trashed module but was hoping to enable the MMI 'hidden menu' to see if I can force the update. Will take it to the dealer as a last resort but i'm keen not to let it beat me!

    Would be appreciated if you could help me out.

    Sure let me know.

    I'm just outside Belfast so could certainly meet you somewhere.

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