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  • hi sandip do you still have a vagcom or was it lee? a m8 of mine has a a4 1.9tdi and his airbag light is on any chance u or lee could turn it off
    are you organising a convoy to ADI, im going with a LCR and an R32, we might join too
    Sweet!! That's me you and Karl so far mate. Anyone else you know of. Doubt I'll make HPLD ment to be working, boooo
    Hi, Sandip. Rust on roof rails. Audi offered 70%. Audi won't offer anything on wheelarch and door rust
    Alright mate got the aitp tickets today, hows the car with the coilies on??
    ive bid 555 for the comps, an omen really as some call them fat 5s, not sure if i will go any higher.
    Hiya mate, just getting stuff together for service, looked into forte engine flush, might sound stupid do you put this in with old oil and then drop the whole lot? or Do you drop old oil put engine flush in then drop that? Hope you understand what i am saying lol.... cheers luke
    Hiya mate, going to be doing a service on the S3 soon and was just wondered what oil you use on yours. Hope all is well mate cheers luke
    didnt know their was a meet where is that held pal.
    Alright mate hows it going, just saw that thread about the coil packs is it just A3's or all petrol audi's. Like the idea of new coil packs, which Audi are you going to?
    Chip 'n' Spin Ecu Tuning

    please have look here
    everybodi is talking about bromsgrov
    that mean they goo?
    please tell me top 5ecu in uk which is the best
    Chip 'n' Spin Ecu Tuning
    please have look here
    everybodi is talking about this guys
    not sure what to do
    any more better and goo ecu in uk
    top 5 please if you can
    9.00am saturday 19th feb, its at audi tomorrow for new side skirt. its running good never had problem with it. im looking forward to going to a lot of shows this year. which turbo you going for hybrid....
    Im not in bolton should have put my location on as well, im new to this site sorry. Im in newcastle upon tyne these wheels are mint and made my S3 but like ive said somebody hit the back of me and wrote it off wasnt that bad but they said something about the spare wheel well hitting something on the haldex system (i think) no damage to the wheels or anything round them i put them on my wifes MK4 golf to make sure they were ok but as you will know leaving wheels like that on a car that a women drives isnt a good idea especially in the snow.
    Have you seen my new logs. 222 g/s after jetex filter and n294 bypass has been fitted but getting 9's so that will have to be fixed soon....
    Nice meeting you today mate and really like your car. Sorry it was only short, will speak more next weekend...
    Hello mate well just got home, has not stalled but the revs still nose dive when I come to stop and dip the clutch. I dipperd the clutch when driving the revs fall but dont fall below 900. I think I might go and buy a new MAf tomorrow.
    hey sandip how u doing fella? i sold my s3 before it game me issues but im planning to get another, is there anyone you know selling any in your colour?
    how you doing pal, is your car running ok turbo etc.
    hi mate do u have the jbs manifold for sale still? i think mine has a crack in it and dont want to replace it with a standard 1?
    alright m8 thanks 4 ur help with the n249 bypass it was doing mu head in, am just checking that ur saying i have kno n112 pipe to worrie about i just go from the dv to the inlet manifold?
    cheers drew.
    i just hope this weather picks up, if i was you i'd keep the ronals, whats offset are the wheels on?
    yeah my wheels do look good i just cant make my mind up on the wheels the ronals are cool as **** and rare as so i should stop being silly but id like sumthing that will fill arches better want to space back wheels out another 10mm if i keep ronals and i have 25mm spacers already lol. also front ends gota be wound down further. im dubious if pics will do the colour justice though makes it look imola still lol, you going gti??
    hey mate got my car back yesterday looks the absolote nuts, just got a couple of things to do before posting pics though, not sure on the wheels now might go for 19" staggered lm's in black with red lip to complement the brakes
    well i should be able to go to the trafford center tomoz mate if u dnt mind checking that maf for me?hav you gotta number i could txt u on tomoro to double check if i can make it. wot time roughly suits u?
    trying to find the build that was done on my audi s3 reg fx51 yjv can any body help ive been told that its on hear somewhere
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