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  • Hi there
    I am new on this forum
    I looking for mint audi a4 1.9tdi quattro b6 version
    Do you want sell yours ?
    Or maybe you know what the best website is to look for them?
    Hi rich, regards to fuel pressure , i carn't see on vcds that it measures this in live data, I think i managed to connect a fuel pressure gauge and the pressure was erratic and when it dropped it ran bad and cut out when the pump stopped, was quite a long time ago. The other thing ive read about in the past is an ecu issue which causes lumpy running when cold but that was on the golf 130hp pd.Also to check the timing its best to drop the front end. i normally just loosen it off and pull everything forward. And another thing ive come across recently is a split turbo hose causing hesitations, loss of power and smoke.
    hi rich. ive just your latest post, and ive got my vcds on my audi and this is the live data at idle on mine. maybe you can compare yours

    group 001 inj quantity
    eng speed: 882
    inj quantity 6.6 mg
    specified inj quantity: 6.1
    temp 21.6

    group 003 egr
    eng speed :882
    maf specified: 265.0
    maf : 259.9
    temp 21.6

    group 004
    eng speed: 882
    spec start of injection : 3.7 btc
    spec start of duration : 6.1
    synchro angle 1.1 to 1.7

    group 007 temp
    fuel : 22 degrees c
    fuel cooling :0.0%
    intake temp: 15.5 degrees c
    eng coolant : 31.5 degrees c

    013 smooth running control
    cyl 1 : -0.02
    cyl 2 : -0.47
    cyl 3 : 0.68
    cyl 4 : -0.16
    These are the ones i picked out. some readings were going up and down a bit but i got the average of them
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