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    For Sale DTUK CRD3+ 2.0 TDI 190ps 400nm

    Hi Selling my DTUK CRD3+ TRI Channel tuning box 190ps 400nm, I've been using this on my Audi A5 B9 2.0 TDI quattro since January 2018 and only selling as I'll be moving over to a TSFIe hybrid car next. This box connects to the fuel, boost and camshaft sensor, I think this will fit any 190ps...
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    S5 2019 onwards - Turbo Diesel

    Its on their Audi Germany instagram page: you can see TDI in the description of the images, no details of the power output from what I can tell.
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    A5 Brake Pads

    Thanks for the help, I’ll most likely change the front and rears. I’m just about to hit 40k with the 2.0 TDI Quattro.
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    A5 Brake Pads

    Thanks for confirming, just had a look through the manual and it doesn't state where the wear indicators are located. For the prices I'm seeing online it may be worth just changing both sides.
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    A5 Brake Pads

    So my brake pad indicator came on tonight stating it was at the limit, couple of questions. Is there any way of finding out if its the front pads and/or back pads which are worn? Also has anybody had there's changed and if so did you stick to OEM or go for another brand?
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    Launch Control

    Yeah this is what I’ve seen people in YT videos do. The guy from the Carwow videos has explained it as a “sort of” launch control before for the S/RS models. But going by the manual I posted further up according to Audi the process they list only applies for the S Tronic boxes. No idea why.
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    OBDEleven- Quattro ?

    Hi, I purchased an OBDEleven to code in Lane Assist and while going through the process I noticed in control unit Dash Board (17) and then long coding it showed All Wheel Drive to be no. I’ve have a 2.0 Audi A5 Quattro and the system is working as I’ve got videos with all 4 wheels spinning as...
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    Launch Control

    Nope, I’ve only ever seen that message up on the R8 models on YT videos.
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    Launch Control

    yep RS4 has the same gearbox, on the audi manual it shows the launch procedure but states underneath only for the S Tronic gearboxes. Not sure may be different now.
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    Launch Control

    S5 has no launch control procedure, for some reason Audi don’t have one with their tiptronic gearboxes. From what I’ve seen online most owners just floor the throttle. You can however keep your left foot from the brake, floor it with right foot and release the brake. However I don’t...
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    Launch Control

    Yep same method for all S tronic cars.
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    De-Chroming the A5!

    Me and some of the guys on here have gone the wrapping route, link to the thread is below and it contains pictures.
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    Aircon display underline fault

    Same thing happened to me in February, the AC unit was replaced under warranty.
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    Launch Control

    I've used it roughly 4/5 times, If you want to try it out make sure your engine is warm first and then: - Car in Dynamic - Gearbox in sport 'S' mode (Selecting Dynamic should automatically change the gearbox into S) - Traction into Sport - Left foot on brake - Right foot all the way down on...