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Audi Oil Consumption Problem Discussions

1.8 T (2010)

  1. pererration
    Hi all,

    I can see there is a lot of info on the forum for the 2.0T engine and that Audi basically seem to have admitted there is a problem with that engine but what about the 1.8?

    I recently bought an A3 1.8T Quattro (9th October). The oil was changed by the dealer (non-Audi) before I bought it. 2 weeks ago the oil light came on, I assumed that they may have just only filled the oil to just above the min so put another half litre in. Yesterday (after less than 200 miles) the oil light is back on. The car has 110K miles on the clock.

    To make matters complicated, I live in Switzerland and I bought the car here but form a dealer a 4 hour drive away. Any idea about where I should start?

    Thanks guys
    pererration Nov 1, 2015
  2. Tfsi gone
    Group Owner
    Take a read through my sticky thread on the TFSI Oil Problem in the A4 B8 forum mate. Lots of information there..
    It could hinge on how Audi Switzerland are dealing with this known issue!
    Tfsi gone Nov 3, 2015