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  1. Stehart81
    Selling 19" RS3 Alloys with Michelin Pilot Sports 4S tyres with Minimum 5mm immaculate and never been refurbed. £1800 ono
    1. Sandra
      Use the classifieds section to sell please
      Jul 9, 2020 at 6:57 AM
  2. leedodds1
    Current: 2020 S4 Black Edition (C+S)
  3. Lee Lesley
    Lee Lesley
  4. Nikolauus
    Nikolauus creweaudiparts
    Hi, could I get prices for these? B7 RS4 ARB kit, Thanks.

    1 x RS4 Rear Sway Bar (Part #8E0511409AL)
    2 x RS4 Rear Sway Bar Bushings (Part #8E0511327D)
    2 x Bushing Brackets (Part #8E0511439)
    4 x Bolts for Brackets (Part #N10127707)
    2 x Bolts for ARB links (Part #N10528103)
    2 x Bushing Brackets (Part #8E0511439)
    1. Sandra
      Jul 6, 2020 at 7:00 AM
  5. tomtrepreneur
  6. DyslexicDog
    DyslexicDog DJAlix
    Hey - I’ve seen your name posting very heavily in VCDS & VCP threads. I’ve just purchased VCP and I find the paperwork lacking. I see you mention they have forums, would you mind pointing me in the right direction please? The forum I found doesn’t look correct! Cheers :)
    1. DJAlix
  7. Sharon Kennedy
    Sharon Kennedy
    Selling my very unique Audi A4. It's a 1.8 turbo, S-line quattro with rare BEX engine, 190 bhp.
  8. Sharon Kennedy
    Sharon Kennedy
    Selling my very unique Audi A4. It's a 1.8 turbo, S-line quattro witg
  9. Sharon Kennedy
    Sharon Kennedy
    Selling my very unique Audi A4. It's a 1.8 turbo, S-line quotrro
  10. Sharon Kennedy
    Sharon Kennedy
    Selling my very unique Audi A4. Its ]]
  11. Roman vrs 2020
    Roman vrs 2020 AlexGSi2000
    Hi are you still hold vcds i need forced regeneration dpf will pay you let my know
  12. George Kost
    George Kost henkkeumus
    Hey mate! I am following the retrofit for PDC+PLA. I found "your" local scrapyard bm-parts.nl.
    Quick question. Fron ETKA I see that for PR-7X5 (PDC+PLA) the module is 8P0919475 E,J,K,P. I see you have the J version.
    The site has both J , K and P. Do you know which of the three is best to go for? Are there differences? The price is the same.
    Why did you go for the J version?
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    3. George Kost
      George Kost
      OK I will probably go for any of those. Good luck on your presentation!
      Jul 1, 2020
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    4. George Kost
      George Kost
      Jul 2, 2020
    5. henkkeumus
      Ah well, I don't think I'm going to use the option as much so 1.0 does enough for me though :). If so, I can always upgrade to 2.0 and do the additional coding. Thanks!
      Jul 2, 2020
  13. Willhf
    Willhf DJAlix
    Hiya mate, wondering if you have a guide to retrofit cruise control to a 2015 A3 8v? Or if you would be able to retrofit it, i see you have a shop in Leicester which i could travel to. Thanks
    1. DJAlix
      Hi there. Not a DIY unfortunately. Have replied to your pm.
      Jul 1, 2020
  14. msangha89
    msangha89 Jordynegen11
    Hey mate,

    Just seen your post about your subwoofer not working as well as it before with the MMI high retrofit.

    Ive got the same problem.

    It used to sound so good with my old MMI.

    Why is this?

    Did you ever manage to sort it?

    Its really annoying me.

    The screen is a good mod but I liked the sound more I think.

    I look forward to hearing from you,

  15. 06SilverA3
    Almost 190k miles and still enjoying driving my high-maintenance Audi A3
  16. A1Blake
    A1Blake franko180
    hi mate i have an audi a1 and my beam pattern is the wrong way around. i was wondering if you could help me out and code it so that it either reverses it or flattens it. many thanks
  17. A1Blake
    A1Blake M3nt4l
    hi mate i've got an audi a1 and i have a problem with the beam pattern on my xenons being the wrong way around. i was wondering if you would help me out so i could see if i could get it coded so that it either flattens the pattern or reverses it. many thanks
  18. Kr92_cars
  19. Roryjkeen
    Roryjkeen JRock247
    Hi mate, I need my haldex re-learning after a service. This something you could help me with ? Thanks
    1. JRock247
      Sorry Pal. The laptop I use for VCDS is not in a usable state. If i can find an alternative or get it back up and running I will let you know.
      Jul 1, 2020
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    2. Roryjkeen
      Thanks mate
      Jul 1, 2020
  20. sidibear
    sidibear Rob2k68
    Hiya, looking to get an aircon fault code removed, could you please let me know how soon and how much you could do it for?
  21. Fishman
    Fishman maxx16v
    Hi ma , is your VCDS skiils still available? Im in bickershaw and would really appreciate your help :)
  22. lee suddick
    lee suddick
    Any help with a halogen to a xenon conversion on a 2010 a4 b8 please
    1. Roryjkeen
      Can you not make a post in the a4 section ? This only shows up on your profile so not many will see it I remember a Lee Suddick from witherwack many years ago That you ?
      Jun 26, 2020
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  23. sidibear
    sidibear Devilz
    Hiya, Just had the aircon compressor changed, need the fault code removing. Could you please let me know when you are available and how much it will cost? Thank you.
  24. Kuljit Singh
    Kuljit Singh A3SLine2014
    Hi mate, didnt quote up individual prices for the work. I paid £660 for a major service, timing belt change and brake fluid change. I would guess around £300-330 for just the timing belt. Just give Steeve a call at Autotechnik on 01159753981 and quote up a price. They are very good, on workmanship and price. All the best.
  25. Charlie23
    Charlie23 Audigit
    HI Mate, Any chance of helping to code some remote keys on a mk2 TT? Cheers
  26. MPH
    MPH Colin Sutton
  27. 8v1.8tfsi
    8v1.8tfsi Gordon Stewart
    Hello there i am just wondering if you had any luck with the tpi for the turbo metalic noise coming from the 1.8 tfsi as i have same engine aswell and i am looking to get it fixed but dont know how to go about it, thanks
  28. Sushistar
    Sushistar AWong_A3
    I was just going through the posts because I had (what was supposed to be an excellent "guy" repair my 2006 A3 after a "T" Bone) and the rustiest have appeared on the rear passenger door. How far did you manage with your repair or parts? Did you DIY it r have it professionally fixed? I'm in TO too and have used Downtown, Midtown, and a great VW/Audi specialist in the west end.
  29. Neesh23
  30. schwartza3
    schwartza3 NIGE28
    Hi mate, I was reading through some old posts where you were having trouble with the wiring of the aftermarket horn. I’m having the same issue. Do you remember haw you sorted this out in the end? Or point me to any post?
  31. Jimmys1968
    Jimmys1968 MuPPeT_ON_TouR
    Hi I was wondering if you could code my cruise control on my A4 B7 avant sline
    Thank jim
  32. Jimmys1968
    Jimmys1968 dc240969
    Hi I was wondering if you could code my cruise control on A4 B7 sline. I'm just along the coast in Elie.
    Thanks jim
  33. Dean Shirt
    Dean Shirt Matthew Coates
    Hi Matthew, I know the post was from a while ago but do you still have the tyres for sale. Thanks
  34. Mark de Vries
    Mark de Vries m rol
    ik zou graag in contact met je komen: Mark@mcdevries.nl of 065398561
  35. Mark de Vries
    Mark de Vries m rol
    Als ik het goed begrijp heb jij ervaring met pre FL Led > FL dynamic Led achterlichten op een A3 Sedan. Weet jij wat er gecodeerd moet worden? gr. Mark@mcdevries.nl
  36. Mark de Vries
  37. Bryan Kraig Langlois
    Bryan Kraig Langlois
    driving the Z3 & Eurovan until I can get the Avant back together with no water leaking. The oil cooler hose break unloads coolant fast!
  38. shomi951
    Audi A3 8P
  39. audiman1
    2003 audi so 8l
  40. Graham Thomas
    Graham Thomas vag-tech
    Hi Adam, I'm hoping that you can help regarding my Options list sticker. I can't find one in the car having checked everywhere suggested on the firum. I also don't have a service book so can't look in there either!
    My VIN number is WAUZZZ8K6DA249021 and I have a 2013 A4 Avant Quattro black edition with the 177HP TDI engine.
    I'm mainly after the size of the front discs.
    I hope that's enough info for you.
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