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New Profile Posts

  1. Frank F
    Frank F Agric04
    Would like to swap your bl Ed+ wheels for my black Ed+ A5 rotors? Only 1 wheel is damaged and I can repair it for you. I can come to you if you want
  2. hristijanvoinov
    hristijanvoinov Just Rob.
    Your car is my favorit avant that I have ever seen..I am now going to buy a4 b7 vey soon. :)
  3. Flosman
    Flosman creweaudiparts
    Hi how you doing,wonder if you could help me get a part i have a audi s3 8p sportback 2010 black edition has the rs3 diffuser
    8P4807441DT-94 toe eye cover thanks
    1. creweaudiparts

      8P4807441DT-94 would be £65.00 inc UK postage

      Jan 21, 2020 at 10:22 AM
  4. Josh S3
    Josh S3 Broken Byzan
    Hi Mate, have you still got VCDS at all?
  5. Grahame53
    Grahame53 BCS Nige
    I have just bought a new Audi S3 Saloon 2020MY with the PPF. It sounds from reading various posts on the Audi-sport.net site that your resonator delete pipe would give me a subtle improvement in the sound without destroying the quality in the cabin.There is mention of a discount for forum members would you be kind enough to let me know if that is true and if so how I can go about getting the kit from you please?
  6. James36
    James36 martinivw
    Have you still got the R8 brake set up for sale?
  7. Chevern
    Chevern Bradazbsak
    Howsit bud I know the post is old with the custom heat shield wanted to know if you put a cone filter in there
  8. greg emerson
    greg emerson
    bought an a1 1.6 se with no multi function steering wheel is it possible to get s line wheel to work
  9. JJS3.0b8
    Just bought '08 b8 A4 Avant 3.0tdi
  10. max pearman
    max pearman CMD
    hi looks like i have your old audi a4 would love to hear a bit of history on it if you get this send me a text 07795280123-max
  11. darren hilling
    darren hilling t8ups
    What can I replace s3 Zenons with ? Don’t wanna pay hefty price for a new headlight, I do have a pair of brand new a3 headlamps
  12. vins83
    vins83 DJAlix
    Hello! This is Vins from Italy, could you please help me to codify module 46 in order to install tail light led? Now I have bulbs version installed, but just bought led tail light version.

    Thanks for your cooperation!
    1. Sandra
      Jan 11, 2020
  13. Notorius_Greg
    Money may not buy happiness, but I'd rather cry in Audi than on a bus !
  14. Natal
    A3 8P 103kw Sportback Black < A4 B5(8D) < Superb B5 74kw
  15. Novica
    Audi A6 C6 2.0 TDIe 2011.
  16. SaadatMk6
    SaadatMk6 DieselJake
    Hi mate, I wanted some basic coding to be done on my golf 6 to get alt speed display, would really appreciate if you can get back to me regarding this.
  17. angiek
    Just joined. Have an A3 TFSI petrol Quattro (04) with a rumbling noise that is getting worse
  18. Labern
    Labern ErkS1
    Hey, I have ordered a EVO 1 intercooler and should arrive tomorrow. I'll let you know what its like. I was thinking along the same lines as you that it looks identical to the others so might be made in the same factory.
  19. poolie23
    poolie23 creweaudiparts
    Need 2005 A3 3.2 Quattro oilfilter housing cap
    1. Sandra
  20. Scott770
    Scotland, UK. AUDI A6 Le mans Auto (C6)
  21. Ath
    Ath Black-Edition
    Hi, found you via VCDS map any chance could get price to check a possible injector fault thanks
  22. Gazafisky
    Gazafisky h5djr
    Hi mate I’m local and would like the service light resetting on 58 plate a3 8p, can u help?
  23. Gazafisky
    Gazafisky sandraj0719
    Hello mate, I’m local and need the service light resetting on 58 plate a3 8p, can you help out?
  24. Gazafisky
    Gazafisky rhinopower
    Hi mate, I’m in Stevenage and I’ve got an a3 8p and would like the service light resetting, can you help?
  25. Nick2020
    Life is short!
  26. MPH
  27. Squidy
    Squidy Reesy
    Hi Reesy, are you still in pembrokeshire? could realy do with getting my Audi scanned as I've only got vcds lite :)
  28. Winston Todge
    Winston Todge
    Trying to fit a 1.8t 20V into an MR2 mk3...
  29. DTM Tom
    DTM Tom
    Build thread now up to date
  30. CameronA38P
    CameronA38P JayA3sline
    Hello mate, just wondering if you could help with VCDS at all. After change on the indicators so they alternate on the rear? S3 8V. Seen this done before if possible? Im in Rochester myself
  31. carsforpaul
    carsforpaul davethaboss
    Hi Dave, thanks for the reply, I had a look at ECS mounts but from what I can see, they are direct replacements for the original mounts, in my case the drive chain side of the engine mounts on the block has broken off so not sure this will help. Do you know of any mount replacement kits for the S3
  32. Alboyspirit
    Alboyspirit DJAlix
    Hey, can you help with vcds please?
    1. DJAlix
      Hi there. No idea, need more information as to what it is you need...
      Dec 24, 2019
  33. Alboyspirit
    Alboyspirit scoTTy
    Hi there, can you help with vcds please?
  34. Alboyspirit
    Alboyspirit TimWills28
    Hi, not sure if you’re still active but if you are wanted to know if you can help with plugging in and checking for faults, please.
  35. JayAudi
  36. Tom Tom Blount
    Tom Tom Blount pez81
    Hi m8. I just bought your old car. NX16SYP. can you tell me more about it. Looks bit different from your post. Wonder if it's still mapped to. tom8y@hotmail.co.uk
  37. Arripay
    Arripay Matt268uk
    Hey Matt, sorry to ask, but are you still up for running a scan on an old 2005 A3 8P. Got pesky intermittent ESP & ECP lights.
  38. Law6on
    Law6on Administrators
    Trying to make a post but it’s saying it’s been marked as spam please advise? New to the site
    1. Sandra
      Try posting again, it should be ok now.
      Dec 18, 2019
    2. Law6on
      Brilliant thank you
      Dec 18, 2019
  39. L16RYE
    L16RYE Rick @ Unicorn Motor Dev.
    Hi what gain on remap on Audi A4 3.0 TDI 2006 trip tronnic has fmic exhaust system K&N panel filter with drilled air box and egr delete .. it's holding 27psi ATM ..
  40. Jimmy121
    Jimmy121 Diesel bob
    Diesel bob need some advise please if that's OK possible pump or edu problem. Seems your the man to ask.
    Regards Jimmy
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