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New Profile Posts

  1. madad777
    madad777 sportq
    Hi Peter, I have seen various posts you have put up, and seem pretty clued up on vw Audi issues... could you spare an hour to check a few issues on mine? Am not far away! Be happy to do something in return. Cheers Adam
  2. S19 MYD
  3. Will Johnstone
    Will Johnstone
    Audi A4 b7 2.0 tdi 8ec 140hp BRE. Won't start and getting continual beep like siren when i turn the key. I have 3 videos with good sound...
  4. Heli-operator
    Heli-operator deanshaw24
    Hi Dean,

    Not sure if this is the correct way to contact you but I'm in the Cambridge area at my brother's and hoped I might get some help from you to clear a couple of dash lights on my A4 B6 sometime this weekend? Any chance at all or would another time be better for you?
    Cheers, Mark
    Can he contacted on 07988771202
  5. Chicken Hawk
    Chicken Hawk S3JACKSON
    Hi, have you a few more detailed pictures please? Has the car had any paint work done and how does it look underneath, has it had any welding done and has it any surface on the floors etc?
    1. S3JACKSON
      The car has had no paintwork or welding, nice clean car.
      You can call me on 07732 032887 for more details
      Sep 11, 2019
  6. WozzaAK
    WozzaAK oliquattro
    Hi I need someone to code my lights as my cars had a facelift prior to me buying it. I'm getting adaptive headlight warning. My car is 09 S4
  7. Ordinary23
    Ordinary23 NotNormal
    Hi mate,

    I'm after some VCDS mods and have been put onto you. Is it possible for you to do a couple of mods for me? I live in Grimsby so I'll down when you're free (and I'm not at sea) if you don't mind doing them.

  8. HirenV
    HirenV superkarl
    Hi mate, i here you have a egt for sale?
  9. Shazzy
    Shazzy MrShiny
    Hey mr shiny can you please DM me info on FL LED retrofit for my Audi S3 8v PFL? Thanks
  10. Majid Yasin
    Majid Yasin C39KER
    Hi. I need help with mmi change unit. Need to know a guy who did the hack plzzzz
  11. Majid Yasin
    Majid Yasin
  12. partybish
    I turned myself into a pickle Morty! Boom! Big Reveal!
  13. MikeZ
    MikeZ Tashfeen
    I just wanted to ask about your stronic gearbox service. Did you get it done? I have similar issue. Recently bought a3 sportback 2014 1.4 tfsi Cod 150hp stronic with confirmation from audi that there is no schedule for gearbox sevice in this vehicle. Just wonder if that is ok? The MikeZ
  14. nick_2k1
    nick_2k1 Andrew@A.L.D
  15. Wild0405
    Wild0405 Graham Smith
    Hi mate just seen your post from last year on your sps switch... I read on the post you can use it as an immobiliser...i have one and need to know how you can do this please mate?
  16. reno85
    reno85 olds_kool
    Hi mate, just read some old posts, do you still do the kits for a central locking pump on a 2001 audi a3?
  17. Andymcm
    where can i get alight pack done on my A4
  18. Alan Dakers
    Alan Dakers
    Audi A6 2.0TDi Black Edition - Aviator Blue
  19. Keefo13
    My glorious A6 Le Mans has to go. No need for its sheer size and awesomeness anymore!! Please message for details if anyone interested!
  20. Stealwind
    Stealwind Tj 0785
    Hi, I got your username off administrator.
    I have a 2009 TTS and I removed the glovebox to remove an after market DAB tuner that previous owner installed and stupidly turned on the ignition before I reconnected passenger airbag on/off switch I now have airbag warning light on dash
    They suggested you may be able to turn it off. Is that something you would be able to do?
    I’m in manchester.
    Any help much appreciated.
  21. Beni786
    Beni786 t8ups
    hi t8ups

    I know you are the man for leds. Do you have some puddle/entry lights for the doors for Audi A7 2019 45 TDI S Line?

    1. Sandra
      Send an email to: sales@emtuning.co.uk
      Aug 30, 2019
  22. lakers1234
    lakers1234 larbel
    Hi mate, how did you do the front headlights facelift on the 8v s3

  23. Chets
    Chets Ginge247
    Hi, do you still have the CR15 strut brace for sale? Are you willing to post as i live down south
  24. RDBoon
    RDBoon RobinA3
    Hi Robin, I have been on your site, was wondering if you would be prepared to give me a price for fitting puddle lights to the front doors of my Audi A3 2015 (8V)? I have seen your post with instructions but would rather not attempt it myself. Please PM me or email me at rd_boon@hotmail.com, thanks Richard.
  25. Ro83rt22
    Ro83rt22 Mouse_161
    Hi, I’m retrofitting the usb hub, where did the two wires connect to? Thanks for your help I’m stumped
  26. Ro83rt22
    Ro83rt22 Arno van de Braak
    Did you work out what the two wires connected to? I’m in the same boat trying to figure it out. I can only presume 1 is power and one is ground?
  27. Arno van de Braak
    Arno van de Braak Mouse_161

    I saw your answer in the USB aux post.
    You already know how to connect the black and red wire on the mmi

    Regards Arno
  28. matthias
    matthias Dave8V
    Hello, could you please tell me if you managed to remove just the grill surroundings and change them for a different grill frame? Thank you!
  29. paulo16
    hi, I have an s3 2015 pfl, I want to replace the r-diffuser will the fl rear diffuser fit my bumper or do I need to change both etc, thanks
  30. PeteA7S/Back
    Audi A7 Sportback.
  31. J10NMM
    A6 Avant Black Edition ‘16
  32. dwaine dibbley
    dwaine dibbley creweaudiparts

    That blades and touch up arrived today, thanks.

    What would be your very best price on a full set of discs/pads/sensors etc (front and rear), can you please itemise?

    And also I need a price for the door/flap that is removed at the bottom of the pollen filter housing when changing the filter?

    Reg No VCK194 (KX65WEF).


    1. Sandra
      Aug 26, 2019
  33. pulsarlaser
    pulsarlaser desertstorm
    Hi Karl, Bobby BSR did my 3.0 TDi map and I have the same discs as you but do you think they are better fitted with the lines / vents going forwards like yours or backwards as that's how mine are? Also, I'm just about to fit the TTRS vents into the arches should they be vertical or horizontal for best effect, as it's hard to see from the photos?
    Many thanks, Mark
  34. JaseFace
    JaseFace DJ_26
  35. KN4CK
  36. PAPA
    I have a Jan.2011 Audi A6 with 115,000 miles and the pulley broke today. Do you recommend changing timing belt as well?
  37. Jordanuk
    Jordanuk THQuattro
    Hi I’ve got an Audi A3 with an airbag light on, I was wondering if I’d be able to drive to you to get my code cleared in exchange for a couple beers? Thanks
  38. Jordanuk
    Jordanuk Mark Farrell
    Hi mate I’m local to uckfield are you able to help me clear some codes for my Audi? Willing to buy beers in return
  39. Craig Rowland
    Craig Rowland
    ESP light is permanently on 01324 4WD ECU- J492 No Signal/No Communication. S3 8P 60 plate
  40. Vik_L
    Vik_L ash_pearce
    Hi, I need some help to adapt a G450 sensor via VCDS, wondered if you could help. It's a 2015 A5 3.0tdi. Hope you can help. Thanks Vik