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New Profile Posts

  1. Killieboy1965
    Waiting on Ibis White A4 BE 35 tfsi s tronic
  2. Azonicds2
    Waiting on the following order: A4 Saloon Black Ed - 2.0L 150 - S-Tronic
  3. Jojocooper
    Jojocooper JayA3sline
    Hi Jay, I've got a Q3 on a 61 plate and am looking to upgrade my parking sensors. They're currently just audible but I'd like the sensors to show on the screen display. Can you help me please? Thanks, Jo
  4. thebb
    thebb deanshaw24
    Hi Dean - I've got an Audi A3 Spb TDI q2.0 I4135 DSG, the model year 2015. I'm hoping to add some puddle and warning lights but understand these need to be 'coded' into the system - is that something you can help me with?

    As I'm new to this, can you let me know how this works? I live and work locally to Huntingdon so pretty flexible on time.
  5. Abul U
    Abul U stevie e
    Hi Stevie e, I am new owner of a 2013 Audi A1. Recently a number of faults have appeared on the dashboard. I live locally to you and was hoping that I might be able to bring my car along for you to hook it up and see what the actual faults are. I would also like you advice on who I should be taking the car to to fix the issues identified. I can be contacted on 07410078007. Thx Abs
  6. AndreC
    AndreC Graham Smith
    Hey Graham, I live in Newhaven and found you on the VCDS map. I have a control module on my A3 faulty and there are no sound coming out of the speakers. I bought a new one but i believe this might need some new coding? Are you able to help at all? thank you Andre
    1. Graham Smith
      Graham Smith
      Hi Buddy, What sound system are you using? (Symphony, Concert, RNS-E or something else), but yes, I should be able to help. The only thing is I am in London for about ten days or so. Happy to pop round (weekend) after that if it helps? Ping me your mobile number, I'll text when I have a firm date. Graham 07717501638
      Jan 14, 2019 at 7:13 PM
  7. Sluggy007
  8. Hanny
    Sorry for late replies to messages - am working in Saudi Arabia at the moment - get back every 12 weeks or so
  9. BBman
    BBman TimberVD
    Hi Mate, is the A5 still for sale?

  10. J14XOB
    J14XOB NotNormal
    Hey there, any chance you could inbox me?
  11. Alva78
    about to change front grill to an rs3 replica so car on ramps and bumper off time
  12. steve machine
    steve machine N417H4N
    hay dude what front bumper are you running it looks mint and its on a pre facelift yer?
  13. DadWagon1308
    DadWagon1308 Cockney Boy
    Hey, I noticed on a post that you mentioned you were successful on retrofitting heated seats with the Kufatec wiring. would you be able to help me out figuring out how to do it?
  14. Damien 336
    Damien 336 AlexGSi2000
    hi mate you still active i need rear bulbs coding out after a upgrade to led units
  15. Damien 336
    Damien 336 Tay
    hi mate i have upgraded to rear led units but getting bulb out errors, live local to you, thanks
  16. Daveyonthemove
    Daveyonthemove t8ups
    Bought some bulbs off you and they are faulty. You haven't replied to my PM or email. Really would appreciate some sort of response.
  17. TopDrawer
    TopDrawer S3 Moch
    If your looking to get back into an S3, mine might be worth a look at.
    Its on the classified page
  18. Chrisc77
    Chrisc77 Just Rob.
    Hi Rob, just wondering if you still offer access to your VCDS and expertise? I have a MK2 TT that is giving me a bit of a headache with a persistent alarm siren that likes to go off at 4 in the morning! I'm based in Dorking. Can pay or offer beer in return, just let me know what your preference would be. Many thanks
  19. oli356
    oli356 LDVincenzo
    Think saw you in Winnersh earlier at the cinema lights :D , not many yellow S3s about! HN57?
  20. Dan Smith
    Dan Smith DPM
    Hello, hope you're well. I'm looking to lower the front of my 2016 S3 8V using the eibach kit. Do you sell this?

    1. DPM
  21. RS3TP
    RS3TP tjacoby
    Hi there, I noticed that you ordered a 2018 RS3 with the Sport Suspension (fixed) like I did. I wanted to compare notes. How do you like it?
  22. Wish i had
    Wish i had
    Fairly new to Audi's and very new to forums
  23. ksmudger
    ksmudger Audi Toby
    Hi Toby are you able to help with coding a 2016 S1 I’m after changing the high beam assist activation speed and possibly activating the Hill Assist? Thanks Kevin
  24. rhysdavies91
    rhysdavies91 D0C
    DOC... your MRC map which location did you get it from? as iv heard that this Doug is very good and im looking for abit more horses.. thanks
  25. Shankar
    Does Audi publish the APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) to connect to the computer/equipment within the vehicle?
  26. Orange225
    Orange225 lukus89
    Hi, do you still have vcds, I’m in need of my cruise control coding in, if you can help
  27. ksbezz
    ksbezz mw1978
    What are the wheels you have on, called?
  28. Damien 336
    Damien 336 dannyboy1985
    hi mate im doing the rear tail light conversion were did you get info to make the loom?

    also in runcorn
    1. dannyboy1985
      Jan 3, 2019
    2. Damien 336
      Damien 336
      i just dont get it, not familiar with electrics
      Jan 3, 2019
    3. dannyboy1985
      Then I would just hire a professional because it’s not a simple job. Even buying the adapters still requires running wires and coding.
      Jan 3, 2019
  29. Damien 336
    Damien 336 Struggler
    were did you get the plug and play harness for led tail lights?
  30. Damien 336
    Damien 336 audifansam
    were did you get the adapters for your tail lights bro?
  31. MikeParkin
    Revo Stage 2, plenty of mods.
  32. Chets
    Chets t8ups
    Hi t8ups, i'm after replacement fog light bulbs for my B8.5 S4 (i believe they are H8 fitment). I'd like the colour to match the white of the headlights.
  33. Damien 336
    Damien 336 andy greenwood
    did you find out how to upgrade tail lights bro?
  34. Damien 336
    Damien 336 DJAlix
    hi mate i want to upgrade my halogen tail lights to led, do you have a link to the harness i need or tut i can follow to make 1?
    1. DJAlix
      Hi there. I don’t use or supply harnesses, I re-wire and code the vehicle as needed to complete and OEM installation. I can quote for the works if you contact via:

      Jan 2, 2019
  35. Damien 336
    Damien 336 S33AWM
    hi mate were did you get the harness to upgrade the tail lights from halogen to LED on the a3 8v?
  36. Ritzdog
    Well, got myself an Audi after having vauxhalls and fords. Quite a step-up for me, gonna tinker the sh1t3 out of it as i normally do :)
  37. Conorhayrs3
    Conorhayrs3 jrumball
    Hello mate ,

    I’ve had a tyer the same as your mines has only done 500 miles and when the same as yours
  38. gsrsilver
    gsrsilver Mike Feldman
    Hi Mike , if you have fb add me , my name Nick Vlachos ( a guy laughing without teeth amd make bingo with his hand)
    Messenger is better for communication.
  39. chappelle
    chappelle deanosabby
    Oh and I'm richard.chappelle@icloud.com. Thanks!!
  40. chappelle
    chappelle deanosabby
    Hi I'm looking to set up Video in Motion on my RS4. Something you could help me with? Many thanks. Richard