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  1. metzer_001
    metzer_001 creweaudiparts
    Hi There,

    My S5 Sportback 2011 is missing the sump guard and also missing the gearbox guard. Would you be able to quote me some prices for these please?

    Many thanks
    1. Sandra
      Jul 19, 2018 at 9:27 AM
  2. Conmac
    Conmac airbus319
    Hi, I was looking through the mods thread and seen you were from Irvine which is very local to me. I was wondering if you could do retrofits on Audi S3 8v. I would like to install cruise control, I already have brand new parts would you be able to install them
  3. Karenxp
    Karenxp JayA3sline
    Hi Jay. I'm in Maidstone. Would you be able to help me to clear an air-bag warning light please. I had to remove my glove-box to change the pollen filters and the light has been on since. I've got an Audi A6 2004. Thanks.
  4. Patrick24
    Patrick24 DPM
    Hi its the usual I guess lol, have a 2011 audi. A3 black edition, it's on standard 18" rotas but want it lowered only using springs. I'm guessing it's lower than normal a3s and heard people saying I need 45 to 50mm drop on the springs...
    1. DPM
      Thank you for your message.
      What engine size is it?
      Jul 18, 2018 at 2:00 PM
  5. eddensophia
    I am a web designer I love this profession
  6. snowie997
    snowie997 spider74
    Hi Spider
    I have the same problem you had with the level in the soft top pump, did you resolve and if so how?

  7. StevePn
    StevePn QED69
    Just picking up a 2015 S3.
    Do you still do vcds coding etc?
    I’m in Salisbury.
  8. Adi-M
    Audi S3 8V FL Saloon_________Nevarra Blue/Res Delete/Diffuser/Spoiler/Side Skirts
  9. Adi-M
    Audi S3 8V Saloon
  10. Nagasaki
    Back on the project.
  11. DaveW
    DaveW Nick_B
    Hi Nick it's Dave. I can't upload the file as the site can only handle images and pdfs. But if you want to put your email address in this private message I can send you the sheet in its entirety.
  12. E15
    E15 penetrator
    Hello mate.
    This is my number so gisa text or call so we can talk without coming on here.. 07876346127,

    Cheers, Mart.
    1. penetrator likes this.
  13. Steve Spencer
    Steve Spencer crazylegscrane
    Hi. I have just come across you post saying you have or had an Airtec intercooler for sale. Do you still have it.
    Kind regards
  14. Cookiez
    Current cars: Audi S3 8L, VW Amarok, VW Golf 4 25th AE, VW golf 4 TDI 4motion
  15. idmax
    idmax adcad
    Ill take the Hex Can if you are willing to deliver for £250 all in?
  16. Weaponized
    Weaponized Aoon_M
    I’m happy to take those Audi Sport puddle lights if you still have them.
  17. Leo Komninos
    Leo Komninos
    Preparing to repair 2.7T with cam belt failure.....
  18. Feezaan
    Feezaan Quinton
    did you fix your locking issues?
  19. Leo Komninos
    Leo Komninos
    Pie is a natural number for Mathematicians, and the natural food for mechanics.
  20. E15
    E15 penetrator
    Hello mate.
    In a post you said that you'd paid £350 less than some other guys £950 for his stage 1 so 600 quid for the Revo.
    Was that plus vat or vat included?
    I've a Revo dealer just 6 miles from me and they're quoting 720 so I just want to make sure I'm not being ripped off.

    Thanks, Martin.
  21. Hugh1980
    New Audi owner
  22. Barcode
    Barcode Administrators
    Hi, I'm new to the forum and am in need of advice on which section of the forum to post on regarding a fault with my '17 plate S3 Black Edition? Thanks, Josh.
    1. Sandra
      Jul 1, 2018
  23. Bill Bonds
    Bill Bonds
    A6 allroad, 2.7 TDI 2008 & A5 Cab Sline 3.0ltr 2013
  24. Bill Bonds
    Bill Bonds
    I help small business's to grow and increase their turnover and profits
  25. Carlpnp
    Carlpnp martinivw
    Hi pal u still got the flat bottom steering wheel
  26. xxstillaxx
    xxstillaxx RobinA3
    Hi Robin, im looking for a complete set for retrofit (footwell lights front+rear, puddlelights front + rear) do you stilkl make those? If yes, what is it going to cost me?
  27. racetech
    racetech maselko
    Hello! I see Your post on forum. Can You send to me file with coding for tail light going from NA to EU (ROW) ?
    My e-mail l.dominiak@centrumpolska.pl

    A3 8V 2014

  28. racetech
    racetech Dan Halen
    Hello! Can You send to me file with coding for tail light going from NA to EU (ROW) ? My e-mail l.dominiak@centrumpolska.pl

    A3 8V 2014

  29. DanZ
    DanZ rizzini7
    Hi mate, do you still have VCDS? I want to activate the Vehicle in Motion option for my 15 plate A3.
  30. jasminder singh
    jasminder singh deanshaw24
    Hi Deanshaw,

    I was wondering if you could do a VCDS scan for me as i did a mmi update and lost the speed cluster and wanted to enable it again, can u help please?
    1. deanshaw24
      Hi, yes no problem I can do it on Saturday for you?
      Jun 26, 2018
      jasminder singh likes this.
    2. jasminder singh
      jasminder singh
      Hi, Sorry, but i'm not around this wk end as i'm away, but i can do the following wk end if ur avail?
      also how much would u charge or do u take beer tokens?
      Jun 27, 2018
  31. jasminder singh
    jasminder singh h5djr
    I needed some help i have recently done a MMI software update and noticed that the battery level and the instrument cluster have gone is there anyway of getting them back, i read somewhere that he a vcds diagnostic scan get them back pls advise thanks jazz
  32. Ian Trotter
    Ian Trotter C39KER
    I've a 2013 A3 with a Tech pack retro fitted by the previous owner. The Satnav works but the parking sensors (orig) don't display on the screen but do sound.
    I'd like to;
    Get the parking sensors to show on the screen.
    Add a rear camera.
    I've come across a comment that you know a UK guy that can apply the reqd coding to the units, could you let me have his details?
    Cheers, Ian T.
  33. martin1984
    martin1984 Just Rob.
    Hi Rob just checking you have got my pm.
  34. Bhavin Patel
    Bhavin Patel
    New to Audi-sport.net
    1. Sandra
      Jun 25, 2018
  35. Craig Cull
    Craig Cull
    Power and Shine.... Power and Shine
  36. milkatrek
    milkatrek Dan Halen
    Hi. Can you help me 2015y audi s3 8v ?
  37. Mike r
    Mike r Ginge247
    Hi mate like the look of your black intercooler how hard was it to fit and what hoses were needed to connect thanks
  38. Jrow
    Jrow AlexGSi2000
    Hi Alex I’m having a problem on my A6 c6 it won’t turn over / key not working Iv done some digging it could be a transponder issue can you help. Can it be bypassed with vagcom.
  39. Djhollar1
    Hi all what's everybody's views on the matrix lights on the new s5 b9 sportback ? Is it worth going for or not ?
  40. Jamie B D
    Jamie B D adrian ab
    Thank you Adi for your response. Mine is a 09/10 plate so I am very doubtful but may well still try!
    Don’t seem to have any cameras that I can see though, just the sensors.