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  1. Racer3102
    Racer3102 RS3ER
    Hi there! I have an A3 08 reg 1.9 Tdi sportback. Did a stupid thing of removing glove box and disconnected passenger Airbag switch without disconnecting battery and now I have airbag light ON continuously. Found you on the VCDS map. Is that something that you can help me with. It would be of great support. I am in Basildon and can pop soon. Thanks!
  2. Racer3102
    Racer3102 EXSpartan36
    Hi there! I have an A3 08 reg 1.9 Tdi sportback. Did a stupid thing of removing glove box and disconnected passenger Airbag switch without disconnecting battery and now I have airbag light ON continuously. Found you on the VCDS map. Is that something that you can help me with. It would be of great support. I am in Basildon and can pop soon. Thanks!
  3. Peanut75
    Peanut75 evans1089
    Hi, are you still doing vcds coding? Got a few features I want enabling on my A1 S Line, if not do you know anyone in the Chesterfield area that does?

    Thanks in advance.
  4. 01Sob
    01Sob Tomasz_DG

    I would be gratefull if you could help me with some information for A4 b9 towbar retrofit (especially for wiring diagram).
    I try to install an original used towbar.
    I look forward to your answer.

    All the best,
  5. rutland252
    rutland252 jimojameso
    Hey there.... How much would you want for the lamps? also, do you have any pics, and do you know if my halogen lamp factory plugs would plug straight into the LED lamps?

  6. Ze333
    Ze333 Evil Derboy
    Hi buddy, can I add you as my WhatsApp friend, I am having an issue that you might have previously with regard to door card rattling, I have no idea how to cope with it.
  7. Nigel Glenn
    Nigel Glenn deanshaw24
    Hi Dean,

    Recently added cruse control to my A4 Cab, all installed and now require support with enabling the stalk to operate. Not a VCDS users, can you help me with this? Happy to drive over to you, I live in Hilton.


  8. LzHamid
    LzHamid creweaudiparts
    Hi, looking for a drivers side door switch cover on an Audi S3 8V 2018. (For electric folding mirrors)
  9. Vortan_Madge
    Vortan_Madge Dannymoto
  10. Og9894
    Og9894 kite
    Hi Kite, I’m in Bracknell area, I’m wondering whether you can help me activate cruise control on my 2006 Skoda Octavia. I’m installing a genuine stalk with cruise control, I’ve got a steering control module that supports cruise control. I understand it’s adding a engine code and editing another code digit via VCDS, please let me know if this is something you can help with
  11. Jolan
    Jolan Chris Williams

    sorry to disturbe you but i was just wondering if you could tell me what the front on your a4 b7 is called. Im planning on buying a honeycomb grill for mine which is the exact same model. But im still unsure about what the front is called, is it a dtm, SE, s-line och just a non s-line? Help would be greatly appreciated! :)
  12. Jolan
    Jolan I'm Just Rob.
    So i've been having a really hard time finding a honeycomb grill for my A4 b7 s-line. But then i saw a post of your b7 and became insane because i could not find one for myself. Every option on ebay or anywhere else is either a non-honeycomb grill or "not for s-line bumper". I would post a pic of my car if that would help but don't know how :/ So i was wondering i you could tell me where you bought yours...
  13. stumbling_bass
    stumbling_bass Daveyonthemove
    Hello, Davey
    Just bought S-line quattro 3.2 v6 and have ESP and limp this morning.
    You very local. Are you about, please, for VCDS and compensation?
  14. Mash Goldie A4
    Mash Goldie A4 adamss24
    Hi there. I have a faulty EDC/ which stopped the injector pump from working. on a 2.5 v6 a4 2003. Diesel bob is the guy to recon that but I cannot find a mechanic to remove and refit and ensure its set up. can you help? based in West Midlands. I am able to arrange the vehicle to be sent for the work.
    can you help?

  15. Asim1
    Slowly getting there
  16. MPH
    If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough
  17. audiwaterpump
    It's ok, I have life insurance. :)
  18. Pius
    Pius 1wheelonly
    Hi Guys,
    Need to get rid of my ESP light, after removing the steering wheel. I think the clock spring is in the wrong position, as it popped out and I wound it back up and re-fitted it. Not sure if this now needs a new clock spring or can be re-set before I replace it. I am in the Croydon area, so if anyone can recommend a sensibly priced VCDS user in the area, I would be grateful?
    1. Pius
      Hi, don't worry sorted now without VCDS thanks. Reset the clock spring, put everything back, started the car, full left hand lock, full right hand lock and drove forwards for 15metres. ESP light went off.
      Aug 27, 2020
  19. MatteoD
  20. Dazza124
    B7 S Line honeycomb grill mod
  21. pburv
    No longer an S3 owner....Oh well!
  22. msangha89
    msangha89 DAVID_1792
    Hi David,

    I dug up your post about your MMI failing and you sending it off to your friend to fix.

    Do you happen to have his details?

    I think I may have the same problem with my MMI.

  23. STGoh
    2019 A6 Carat Beige
  24. Elaine Stackhouse
    1. MPH
      Looks like a metal coolant pipe
      Aug 23, 2020
  25. Chrissso82
    Chrissso82 creweaudiparts
    Hi I am looking for a RHD Audi b8.5 gear stick, If possibly with the perforated leather.
  26. WilliamMurphy67
  27. Micheal Navarro
    Micheal Navarro
    A3 06 Broken rfid in key fob. glass broken on chip now car starts then dies after 3 sec SAFE mode display Now what Dealership?only 1 key.
  28. Micheal Navarro
  29. Chrissso82
    Chrissso82 creweaudiparts
    Looking for some advice. I am looking to upgrade my 2011 A4 B8 steering wheel to a B8.5 FBSW. Apparently I require a stage 1 airbag, however have seen stage 2 airbags fitting online. Can a B8.5 Wheel with a stage 2 airbag be fitted correctly to a vehicle that originally had a stage 1 airbag?
    1. creweaudiparts

      If its not a genuine upgrade i cannot really comment.

      Aug 17, 2020
  30. garyl
    garyl kite
    Hi Kite - Hope you are well. I wondered if you might be able to assist me with resetting a fault code on my Audi A3.
    I removed the glovebox and now the Airbag light won't go out so hoping all it needs is the fault read/reset...fingers crossed.
    Would really appreciate your help if you're available.

    Many Thanks

    PS - Looks like I'm pretty local to you as I'm in Warfield
  31. Stehart81
  32. msangha89
    msangha89 Dunedin
    Hi mate,

    I saw your post from a while back about Robin from rocketwires supplies you footwells, door warning lights and puddle lights.

    In the post I saw you had them all wired up but not coded into the MMI.

    Did you manage to do this?

    My footwells all work when I open my doors. As soon as I close them they turn off. I want to be able to keep them on as I drive

    1. Dunedin
      Hi Manvir,
      I’m sorry I just caught your message, yip I managed to get the mmi updated via VCDS, this enabled me to adjust the brightness of the footwell lights as well as them being on when you drive.
      Aug 30, 2020
  33. Matt Edwards
    Matt Edwards bikedoctorr
    Hello fella, I’m hoping you might be able to help us, I’m looking for someone local with VCDS, I’m wanting to code the CCM’s on my wife’s Q3 so the mirrors fold on closing and remove an inspection warning.

    Is there any chance you’d be able to help out. Lots of videos on the mirrors part.


  34. Sam96
    Sam96 MrShiny
    Hi Mr Shiny could you DM on the FL Lights, Only thing i cannot get working is the highbeams
  35. darth S3
    darth S3 fernando young
    Ok thanks for that. What is the next best thing then?
  36. Dave r hook
    Dave r hook Daniel Orsborne
    Hi Daniel, I am trying to retro fit a genuine Audi swivel tow bar to my sq5, but am stuck with what loom and module I need. Can you help please? Thanks David
  37. rum4mo
    No everything went okay in that respect, but I'm sure that I did get access to some extra "car" options.
  38. bobby s
    bobby s Damien 336
    hi Damien bit random could you give me a call on 07762205982 it’s regarding a Audi A3 3 door in red I have now got this car I will explain if you do call

  39. COSTA_P
    COSTA_P Ice Kay
    Hi Icekay

    Retrofitted cruise control on my s3 8p. Would you be able to code it in? Thanks
    1. Ice Kay
      Ice Kay
      yes i can, will cost a tenner
      Aug 27, 2020
  40. lee suddick
    lee suddick rum4mo
    Hi sorry to bother you but ive just read on audi-sport that you changed a concert stereo to one with dab ive just done the same but i lost my screen display for my heater/blower controls everything else is fine and displaying, i was just wondering if you had the same problem thanks inadvance lee. Audi a4 b8 2010
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