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your opinion please - s3 overheating

colicabcadam Aug 6, 2010

  1. colicabcadam

    colicabcadam Guest

    hi all,

    i have an issue which after some revision i believe to be linked with each other, however, i have already changed the part which others say fixed the problem.

    I'll give you some background info first.....

    i was sitting in traffic one day and the temp gage just shot up, very quickly, the car boiled over, i pulled over and called a friend and stupidly undid the coolant lid to release the pressure, big mistake, it all shot out lol, saldy i did not decide to check if the fans were working at the time as i did not think, the car took a good 3 litres of fluid to fill backup, so i initially thought it could have been a leak, but i was not sure how much shot out, but 3 litres seemed excessive

    when i turn the aircon on, should the fans come on, because they don't (the aa man and a friend have said they should), because of this i assumed this was the reason why it overheats, the fans were not working. the AA guy wired them directly to the battery to stop it from overheating. he came to the conclusion that it was the fan module (1J0919506K). after some revision i found that people with the overheating problem also had a problem with their air conditioning not working, i had the aircon problem too, so it made sense to follow what they did and replace the module....

    i've been using the car now and then and today before i went to fit the module, the low coolant level came on, it took another 2 litres to fill it back up, so now i'm thinking it is leak related.

    however, i continued to change the part in question, i then fired it up and let it warm back up, it started to boil over again, but the temp gage did not go above 90, i also noticed a small water leak but was unable to locate it as it started getting dark, it could have been the overflow from the coolant tub...

    please let me know your thoughts and does anyone know a good audi garage in south east london, it's under warrenty and i really want to get it fixed quickly.

    so in a nutshell

    - car overheats when standing still
    - temp gage does not go above 90
    - fans do not kick in even when iturn the aircon on
    - aircon is not cold (although it could just need charging)

    any ideas?

    thanking you in advance!
  2. s3dave

    s3dave TFSI Hybrid Supporter

    take it back to the bloody garage if it is under warranty, your lucky you have not blown the head!
  3. Dazboss

    Dazboss Like A Thristy Dingo ;)

    Must say Dave's right. Why have the trouble your self its under warranty.

    Warrenty = In commercial and consumer transactions, a warranty is a collateral assurance or guarantee that certain facets of an article or service sold is as factually stated or legally implied by the seller, and that often provides for a specific remedy such as repair or replacement in the event the article or service fails to meet the warranty. A breach of warranty occurs when the promise is broken, i.e., a product is defective or not as should be expected by a reasonable buyer.

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