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MattS May 7, 2007

  1. MattS

    MattS Member

    I was hoping for some feedback on my plans for the A3. Having now got the car's rattles and build quality issues all but sorted, my confidence in the car is alot better, so am now looking to make a few changes. The A3 is not our main car and does only 6500ish miles a year, So please bare with me.:icon_thumright:

    Having come from the Vauxhall scene where I had done a high level tuning to my old Zafira GSi 2.0 Turbo until I sold it a year ago, the two engines, Vauxhall's Z20LET turbo and Audi's 2.0 T FSi are very similar in the way they respond to the same types of modifications, but many of you have done what I am looking to do so here goes!!!

    I don't like the in your face look with the Zafira, more under the skin sleeper type car. I like the way the A3 S-Line looks so don't want to spoil it and give the game away.

    This has been done with Superchips Bluefin and produced a proven 257bhp and 275lb/ft, at this stage I am happy with this and I feel anymore may be useless with FWD, I know the car can be made alot quicker point to point with brakes/suspension etc so not after any mroe power (Yet)

    I am in the process of ordering a set of Toyo Proxy T1-R's (225 40 18" as per original) The feedback I have on thee is very good, Your opinions on these are very important to me.

    A full Turbo back Milltek system will be ordered within the next couple of months, decided to go for the whole thing as the turbo down pipe being a freeflow item will ease the workload of the turbo, again just like Vauxhall.

    But I did here story's the tailpipes sitting too far in on the S-Line special edition bumper, can anyone confirm this? Milltek did the prototype system on my Zafira so know the build quality etc is first class!!

    This is where I need your input, Brembo, ABT have been looked at, but having recently priced up the new S3 front brakes, it is not an overly expensive upgrade, I presume these will fit the normal turbo A3?

    Bilstien dampers are the only damper I would choose, coil overs in my opinion are too over the top for road use. For the time being, I will use Bilstiens with the standard springs but may fit a set of Eibach springs in the future.

    I am hoping that with all this, it should turn the car into a rel fun car to drive, but to the untrained eye, will look nothing out of the ordinary.

    Can you guys offer any opinions on the above plans?

    Thanks for reading my long and boring post!!:yes:

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