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Youngest s3 owner on site????

scott_johnson Feb 22, 2008

  1. MoAudi1.8T

    MoAudi1.8T Member

    alrite lads. how do you guys afford the insurance so young on an s3?

    i was gonna buy an s3 but the quotes i was gettin were ridiculous, £3000+. im 19, been driving for just over 2 years but havent got any no claims as i have always been a named driver.

    i was gonna buy an s3 but thought f*** it (lol) as no point with such high insurance. i ended up buying a 55plate astra sport hatch sri (with the exterior pack, so bodykit, 18" alloys) looks nice and only group 8 insurance.

    i know its a vauxhall but its looks really nice, gets lots of attention and doesnt have high running costs.

    if you dont mind me asking, how much do u guys pay for insurance?

  2. s3-josh

    s3-josh New Member

    im 18... one year driving with 0 years no claims (named driver for a year)

    its going to cost me around 2200

    in regards to job, i have a basic salary and commission so if i want the car i just have to make more sales!

    no biggie.. i can afford it pretty comfortably to be honest...

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