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you think you have probs!!!!! read this

only1stefan Jul 4, 2006

  1. only1stefan

    only1stefan New Member

    iv posted this under dealers but ill post ti here as well just to let you know the hell iv been through with my car and the dealers. Ill NEVER buy another audi again. Oh and buy the way iv still not got it back and its been 5 weeks!!!!! they cant find the fault

    26 June 2006


    For the Attention of Kerry-Ann


    I write to you with reference to my Audi A3 which was a goodwill gesture made by yourselves (Tom Peterkin) in March 2004 due to the on-going problems with my original Audi purchased in October 2003.

    After waiting eight weeks, I am finally informed that my replacement Audi was in the country ready for delivery to myself by the Dealership of my choice. I chose HR Owen Finchley Road Audi, as I purchased the original car from them. I was amazed that two weeks after the car had arrived in the UK Finchley Road Audi still failed to deliver the vehicle, and upon repeated phone calls on my part to them, and also being told I was nagging them, I was informed that I could have the car, having been made to feel that they were doing me a favour in arranging its delivery. I was subsequently called by the Sales Manager at the time to be told that one of his Sales Personnel would take me to their PDI Centre to collect my car. Upon arrival to the PDI Centre I was horrified to be told that the car takes two weeks to PDI and, furthermore, had not been valetted for me ad advised, but was sitting in the back of HR Owen’s PDI compound, without license plates and packaging still attached to the vehicle. I then proceeded to personally screw on my own number plates and remove packing from the vehicle, also noting one of the extras on the vehicle, being a black roof lining, was instead just standard silver.

    After taking delivery of this vehicle, and having to return numerous times to Finchley Road Audi to fill in relevant paperwork in my service book, which should have been done before collection, I drove away in my new Audi.

    All was fine for about two weeks, until my new Audi developed a rattle to the rear of the vehicle. Over number of visits to Finchley Road Audi where they were quite unhelpful with the situation, informing me there was nothing that could be done, and as the service staff were quite unhelpful I decided to approach Whetstone Audi, also another HR Owen Dealership. In approaching them, I found their service staff and attitude a lot more helpful. In investigating the problem over several weeks, they came to the conclusion the rear shock absorbers were at fault. I was then informed there was no fix for this, and continued to drive the vehicle for about a year with this fault. Finally, after continuing numerous phone calls to Whetstone Audi, they agreed to replace the shock absorbers, which they did, and the noise went away.

    About the time the shock absorbers began making a noise (a couple of weeks after delivery) the engine on start-up when hot, and had been left for a while, made a loud rattling noise for about 10-20 seconds, as if the engine had been run without oil. After this period of time the noise would disappear. Again after numerous visits to Whetstone Audi, and their not being able to find the fault, and being told this was normal, I continued to return to them with my car many times as I was not happy with the lack of diagnostics of this fault.

    In between this happening, the car started losing power on acceleration, and this occurred several times when pulling away from roundabouts, and would stall. Following numerous occurrences of this happening, the vehicle finally broke down, upon which Audi roadside assistance was called out, and on diagnosing the fault the Audi roadside technician said it was the fuel pump. The car was relayed into Whetstone Audi where, after just over a week and a half, they replaced the fuel pump. I collected the car, and about one hour later after driving it the engine management light came on, so I drove back to Audi where, after putting it on the diagnostics machine, they said my break pressure sensor switch was faulty, my cam positioning sensor was faulty and lamba probe was also faulty. Again after having the car a week, these items were replaced and once more I collected the vehicle.

    Once more, after driving the car for a couple of days, the engine management light came on yet again and the rattling noise was getting worse. In fear of the engine failing, I again returned to Whetstone Audi with my vehicle. After they had the car for a couple of days, they agreed with me the engine noise was due to a faulty cam chain tensioner, and proceeded to change the cam chain and tensioner. By which time they had had the car for two weeks. After more numerous phone calls on my part, due to service advisors not returning my phone calls, I was finally advised my car was ready for collection. I proceeded once more to collect my vehicle.

    Two days later the noise was still apparent, if not worse, and the engine management light came on yet again and, whilst on the motorway, so did the oil light. I immediately stopped the vehicle, waited fifteen minutes and re-started it, upon which all the lights went off except for the EML. I subsequently drove it straight to Whetstone Audi where, on diagnostics they told me the oil pump had failed. Yet again nearly two weeks later my car is returned to me and I am assured all problems have been rectified.

    Again two days later, the rattling is still apparent, the engine is losing power and the main cooling fan in on full power continuously. Once more after two weeks I had been told my car was ready for collection, having replaced the fan and been informed they could not find any other fault. Within an hour of leaving Audi I was still aware my vehicle was losing power and the fan wan running continuously. This was on a Friday night, so on the Monday morning ………I returned the car to Audi!

    On inspection I was told it needed a new smaller fan and they needed to adjust the cam timing. Also a complaint at the time was the clutch not coming up properly and slipping slightly, of which I was informed was a wear-and-tear item, but was not satisfied with this response on a car of this calibre that was only two years old and most of which was motorway motoring. Again after two weeks of constant phone calls to my Audi centre and Audi customer services, again with phone calls not being returned to me when promised by the Audi centre, when I eventually spoke to them I was always given very vague answers about my vehicle and when requested they find out information and call me back, they never returned the phone calls. After eventually speaking to the Service Manager, James, we came to the agreement that I would leave my vehicle with them whilst I was out of the country for a week, so that they could rectify all faults and that upon my return to the UK I would have a vehicle in perfect running order.

    Whilst I was away I continued to make numerous phone calls mid week to assess the latest situation, of which I was highly surprised to learn that half way through the third week of having my vehicle for testing, they had not even completed rectifying the faults and was still being worked upon. Needless to say none of my phone calls were returned until I asked to speak to the Service Manager. On eventually speaking to the Service Manager, and following yet more phone calls, I was told my vehicle would be ready for collection by me on Monday, the day after my return to the UK, with the exception of the clutch, which was on back order from Audi in Germany that Kerri-Anne (Audi Customer Services) had authorised to be changed.

    The day after I returned to the UK, on the Monday morning I telephoned Audi to arrange collection of my vehicle, only to be told that in the morning the engineer had gone to start the vehicle and yet the same rattling noise was still apparent.

    I have now been advised that they have ordered a new set of hydraulic tappets. I have been informed my car will be ready for Tuesday evening, 27 June 2006.

    As you can see from this continuing saga I am less than happy and totally disheartened by the Audi name and their dearlerships which seem to have a total lack of customer service and professionalism in their dealings with their after-sales, as on one occasion I was told on three consecutive days I would be getting back my vehicle, and so took days off work to collect it, only to eventually be told daily, after more numerous phone calls by me yet again, that it would not be ready until tomorrow. You can therefore appreciate my anger at my loss of earnings because of wrong information leading me to take time off work unnecessarily on three separate days, when one should have sufficed.

    Finally, I would like to add as well as the above faults listed, various bits of trim, air-conditioning controls, driver seat-belt that frayed and little bits and pieces have been replaced over the two years.

    In relation to the foregoing I now strongly feel I have come to the end of my patience with this matter, and would like the following.

    When my car is returned to me fully repaired and functioning correctly, I want a years free warranty for my peace of mind as well as £2,000 compensation for the loss of earnings, cost of the numerous phone calls incurred by me, not to mention the stress and aggravation this matter has caused me, coupled with the inconvenience of constantly having to return my car to Audi.

    However, if the situation occurs whereupon I collect my vehicle and it continues to breakdown, I now want compensation in the form of a replacement vehicle, which will be discussed should this matter occur.

    In view of the foregoing, I await your response at the earliest opportunity.

    Yours sincerely

  2. A4Andy

    A4Andy Quattro-tastic. Not half.


    I reckon you'll get the extended warrenty, but you're on a hiding to nothing claiming compensation. They may throw some good will your way, but it won't be in the form of a cheque.
  3. madvw

    madvw Active Member

    that one sounds like a keeper.
  4. synthdood

    synthdood Member

  5. Amchlolor

    Amchlolor Active Member

    FOR SALE,one low mileage A3.


    "Hello,I'm phoning about the car,any problems with it at all ?"
    "No,none,it's been a great car...I'm gutted I have to sell it "

  6. john_cook

    john_cook I was the STIG.

    thats terrible stefan, sorry to hear about all your problems. Have you got some legal advice. If not this should be the next step, particularly if you need to get compensated. Get some advice and then speak to the manager of the dealership and tell him you have taken legal advice and will pursue it further if necessary.

  7. The Slug

    The Slug Active Member

    I'd speak to the Principle (my guess is he wont know about this issue) and put the pressure on him to sort this mess out. It worked for me with Peugeot!
  8. rich1068

    rich1068 Member

    Who's Kerry-Anne? I had a very similar situation a few years ago with a Golf and these letters should go straight to the MD of whichever dealer group you're dealing with. It's the only way things get done. If Kerry-Anne is the MD then fair enough. I'm not sure what a 'Principle' is but trust me it's not high enough.

    Unfortunately, I reckon you're on a hiding to nothing re: the cheque, too.
  9. god_thats_quick

    god_thats_quick Numptie of the highest order

    Bloody hell, poor ******, I suggest copying that a sending it to Audi's CEO - you'll get a response and as your car is in warranty I imagine it'll be quick and positive. I've got the detail and their german customer service bods contact details if you want them.
  10. stewarta13wsb

    stewarta13wsb Member


    I feel for you, that list defies belief and really makes me wonder about Audi - or your dealer at least.
    I agree with what's been said already - you have to get legal advice and you must write to people higher up. The more people and the higher the better.

    Good luck.
  11. The Slug

    The Slug Active Member

    Principle is owner of the franchise. ;)
  12. only1stefan

    only1stefan New Member

    1 more horror story picked up the car yesterday and within 5 mins of driving there was a burning smell only to find out the fan belt had sheared of everywhere as it had been put on wrong!!!!! kerry ann was a service manager but now im dealing with the md of audi uk!!!
  13. marriedblonde

    marriedblonde Active Member

    Very doubtful that the MD of Audi uk will be dealing with your problem. As others have said it is the dealer princple who should deal with your complaint. Possibley with a push from Audi Uk.

  14. Wolfsburger

    Wolfsburger Member

    You certainly have patience.

    I`d have flipped my lid at this point and gone for a refund, totally unacceptable service.
  15. bacardi

    bacardi Active Member

    Whetstone audi are totally effin hopeless, after the debacle that was my steering creak and assorted interior rattles they returned my car complete with huge scratches on the bonnet (The delivery driver even had the balls to ask if I had filled the loan car back up with fuel and wanted £20 as I hadnt)

    Suffice to say the Hatfield branch have had it back twice since to polish out the scratches, all in all, Audi garages are tossers and I will not get another one, as much as I love the cars

    Good luck Steffan, hope it works out well for you!

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