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You must be an '98 A3 owner if...

luckymacy Dec 20, 2009

  1. luckymacy

    luckymacy Member

    you spent all day chasing down water leaks into the car and changed the clips out on the passenger door while surfing the net for clues and arranging to get your messed up DIS LCD fixed and at the end of the long day your wife says sincerely "You really had a fun day today, your kind of project day, didn't you!?"

    Little does she know I'm cuddling up tonight with a manual I found on the net and am yanking out the passenger front seat tomorrow to try fix it from flopping backwards and forwards on its own...:jester:
  2. HTC

    HTC Active Member

    You know you are an '98 A3 owner if....

    * You've rolled the windows down to speak to a friend and then they won't roll up again
    * Your boost levels at WOT vary daily
    * Your rear windscreen water jet regularly has off days
    * You pull up next to an S3 feeling good about your new remap then end up sitting still spinning the wheels whilst the S3 blasts off into the distance (damn rainy days)

    Any more?
  3. Keeno

    Keeno Spooly Spooly Boosty Boosty!

    didn't realise this was a common thing! Mine's been having an off day for the past 12 months or so! Is there a simple fix?:(
  4. Zenin

    Zenin Member

    haha im a 98 a3 owner.
    You know you are an '98 A3 owner if....

    * your rear wiper doesnt move, and water jet quirts out air.
    * your car idles badly on some days but it fine on other days.
    * Temprature gauge does what it wants to.
    * you go on ebay to look for facelift or s3 'Stuff' :)

    (btw i havnt had any of the window or leak problems you guys have had)
  5. madvw

    madvw Active Member

    applicable to all 8L's i guess...

    * you spend more time swapping coilpacks than driving the car
    * you live in permanent worry or rusting roof rails
    * your lights spend more time lighting the bumper than the road
    * your suspension/arb's bang more than you do
    * your clutch slips whenever it wants to in 5th, then doesn't do it again for 2 years
    * You're constantly listening out for DV flutter
    * you're convinced that a MAF replace will make your car faster
    * your brakes go AWOL after 3 hard corners
    * one of your seats permanently refuses to let people in the back without "persuasion"
  6. a3-se

    a3-se audi a3-se

    dont think the a3 has cahnged much then ll ive got 52 reg and ive got a whole new level of problems

    fans stay on
    window doesnt go up
    temperature gauge doesnt work
    heaters wont get hot
    traction controll light wont go of

    so it only gets worser lol
  7. Dani_B19

    Dani_B19 Audi-sports own special child.

    "* you're convinced that a MAF replace will make your car faster"

    Haha that is so so true.
  8. harps21k

    harps21k Member

    Yep guys, most of stuff is true and I have had these problems.
    A couple you forgot:
    *brake light switch breaks.
    *Temp sensor going faulty
    *termostat failing.
    *ABS control unit breaks.
    *leaking footwell.

    I got a few more but the stress is alot. Always having to defend my A3 from my BMW loving friends.
  9. A3Tom

    A3Tom Smell my finger.

    I feel really lucky, mines been trouble free really :)

    Few little things like the rear wash wipe which is easy enough to fix. (its the trunking behind the airbox for those that dont know ;) )
  10. zeeeebo

    zeeeebo Lifes one big laugh

    what do you do to the trunking?

    list of things i have had that seem common!

    *window clip
    *central locking pump
    *central locking leak
    *boot not locking
    *temp sensor
    *blown brake line
    *rear wiper dances around and doesnt squirt
    *ARB rubbing
    *middle exhaust blow
    *power steering pump

    i did the depressing thing of writing a list a month ago of everything needed to get my car through the mot and also small annoying things like central locking leak etc. it was big...... but this weekend my mate let me use his ramps at his garage and now i have comleted everything!! i feel so relieved as now i can concentrate on a bigger turbo=)

    wonder how long before something else goes wrong! but in all fairness i have replaced pretty much everything bar the alternator and dizzy and main block!!!

    and yes i do realize i have just cursed myself hahahaha
  11. A3Tom

    A3Tom Smell my finger.

  12. luckymacy

    luckymacy Member

    Your search for years to find the perfect cup holder has been in vain and you still drive with hot coffee precariously positioned anywhere you can find a spot! Best cup holder has been a passenger :eyebrows:
  13. bansheeboyo

    bansheeboyo Member

    clutch pedal snaps of in trafic jam on a steep ass hill:eiertritt:
  14. luckymacy

    luckymacy Member

    You must be an '98 A3 owner if...

    You belong to 12 Audi/VW forums around the world to piece together enough info for whatever is broken, going to break or just bugging you at the moment...

    You smile everytime you approach the car with keys and a mission in hand and avoid taking the straight and level way to anywhere.

    Your son often quickly volunteers you to drive him and his friends around so you can let the Audi's cornering and acceleration put a smile on THEIR faces (and yours too...) :)

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