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Yorkshire RR Day.

ElliottB Apr 7, 2012

  1. ElliottB

    ElliottB Audi A3

    Would anybody be interested in having a rolling road day?

    The event would be held at Wilkinson Vehicle Solutions in carnally, postcode area YO15.

    Would be wanting around 25+ people to come, Only one set of rollers at the moment so FRW or RWD is fine. Any cars are welcome so if friends want to come they can come along to.

    Refreshments will be on throughout the day, time will be from 10am till 6pm.

    Full vehicle inspection before and after and friendly advise given on any issues or tuning wanted.

    £30 for 3 power runs.

    Date TBC, please just start adding names of people who want to come, when a date has been confirmed ( 100% be a saturday ) a £10 deposit will be required.


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