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York Audi

peter02 Jan 28, 2008

  1. peter02

    peter02 Member

    Has anyone had any experience of servicing an audi at York Audi - if you have, could you please let me know what you thought of them ?
  2. steve_malton

    steve_malton Member

    I took mine there for a service last week, turned out that it didnt need one - previous garage had set the mileage to 10K instead of the variable service which had been done (if they wanted to rip me off they could have done the service anyway). They did a bit of work that was requested and gave the car a complimentary valet and washed it as well :icon_thumright:

    The only downside was that while replacing the rear washer jets somehow the boot spoiler got several light scratches on it. I didn't notice these until a day afterwards, but I returned a week later and explained the problem, which they machine polished out straight away at no charge.

    To sum up, they seem very good and I won't hesitate to take my car back to them.
  3. Isoproturon

    Isoproturon Member

    Been there several times; utterly useless. My colleague has found the same.

    One example - car squealing when turning L or R. Described symptoms. Collect car, find they have fitted new PAS pump; drive car out of car park - same symptoms. Go back in, find they haven't even test driven it before/after to diagnose.

    What a bunch of incompetents. Avoid at all costs.

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