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Yes me again another question - service history

zollybosher Mar 2, 2012

  1. zollybosher

    zollybosher Member

    Ok, please dont flame me but I think I have made one of the cardinal sins, I bought my B7 a week or so ago and STUPIDLY thought the service book would be inside the glove compartment of the car. WRONG all I have is the manuals, I have contacted the trade seller who I got the car from but the person who I dealt with his not back till next week.

    So question is this car was a fleet car before I purchased it. Is it possible to get the service history from Audi, what I mean is would they hold records of cars that were serviced, be it anywhere in the country?? Other than that what are my options IF any??
  2. Khanage

    Khanage Member

    I do believe Audi can verify regarding service history at Audi dealers, yes. Regarding your options now, sorry, I hope somebody else can help you there.
  3. Macdoon

    Macdoon Well-Known Member Team Ibis TFSI Owners Group Gold Supporter Audi A4 S-line owners group

    Just a thought but have you searched the car, under the steering column is a slim pocket which houses the service booklet. If not as above give Audi a call they will check their system, if it's been serviced by them thenm it will be on there.

  4. bigrich690

    bigrich690 Active Member

    They can only search if your car has been serviced at that particilar garage, my car was serviced in scotland and in manchester, but when i asked audi leeds to check my servive records they said only if its been done there, give them a ring if your unsure but thats what they told me to my face :(
  5. hades-

    hades- Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    fleet cars iv had
    have had a full print out of serviceing done
    any audi dealer should hold details i got mune from audi sheffield and book stamped up servecing was done in s wales bristol and leeds
    but sheffield sorted it me 40 quid
  6. slepy

    slepy Extremely smart and handsome person. VCDS Map User

    Call Audi UK and ask them about service history.
    They will be able to tell you where and when your car was serviced (that's obviously main dealer only).
    After that you will need to buy duplicate service book which is around 15 quid and send it to every dealer to get it stamped.
    It will take ages to be honest because they don't really rush with sending them back.
    Easier to drive to a dealer and get it stamped.

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