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yes another RNS-e, SDS, PTT question....

Sno Dec 30, 2009

  1. Sno

    Sno don't knock it til uv tried it

    sorry I know its been done to death, and i've done loads of searches but there is a question not been asked, therefor unanswered...

    Actually I have a couple of points and I'm hoping you clever peeps can assist.

    The Prologue:
    06 B7 RS4, Retrofitted RNS-e and Fiscon BT with mic.
    SDS SW660 installed, auto configured to English
    Engineering mode, changed SK as PPT
    << Scan pressed twice gives me the English lady.
    When prompted for a response, my commands fall on deaf ears.

    Ok thats the general layout.

    Couple of questions.
    (i) when i leave the car and return the << Scan button doesn't work. In engineering mode the SK as PPT is un-highlighted (not selected) anymore.
    Anyone know why?
    Considered it to be a power thing but all other data i.e. Radio stations, phone numbers still saved.

    (ii) The mic question.
    Can I use the Fiscon mic already fitted? if so (by reading the multiple threads says I can) can someone in baby steps give me a step by step description on what I do.
    I believe I have to take the BT mic to the RNS-e and then return the wiring to the BT module. But without a electical diagram or step by step instruction, I don't want to potentially cause any damage.

    Guys, I have come here on many occassions now looking for assistance as I believe it to be one of the best places to get the best advice.
    I would greatfully appreciate your help in answering these questions.
    I think once these 2 queeries are answered I will have the fully functioning SDS system which I do miss from my older cars.

    Thanks guys.

  2. 1wheelonly

    1wheelonly cabriolet VCDS Map User

    firstly the ptt button on the rns-e will have to be set in eng mode every time, as far as im aware, the eng mode is only allowing to work on the << button for testing as its normally for the multifunction wheel only but as you have an rs4 you cant, however there are some people on here that have done it another way and have used a button ( bought seperately) next to the hazard switch/esp etc.
    try a search for sds rs4 or something similar.

    the mic needs to be removed from bluetooth unit and took to the rear of the rns-e, on the top of the rns-e you should find a diagram for the unit, there you will find the pins mic+ in and mic- in, this is where youshould wire the mic into, once youve done that youll also find mic+ out and mic- out, you need to wire from these two outputs to the inputs on the bluetooth unit.
    (so mic goes into rns-e first then out the rns-e to the bluetooth unit)

    hope this helps
  3. 1wheelonly

    1wheelonly cabriolet VCDS Map User

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  4. NHN

    NHN Retrofitter - Audi - VW - Skoda - Seat Site Sponsor VCDS Map User

    Yeap I'd concur with that lot, havnt done the SDS with the fiscon unit but appears to be same from all reports, but sds will work when wired in as per above, thats your issue here, mic wiring, so adjust & test.

    Yes you need to get a push to touch style button to simulate the PTT button on the wheel itself, afaik the eng mode isnt permanent, just whilst in car at that time, then wire that into the steering module & should work fine, there was a cangate which basically transmitted can signals onto the canbus for the PTT function, but I'm sure soldering of wires directly onto the steering module board pins will do the same job.
  5. Sno

    Sno don't knock it til uv tried it

    hi guys,

    Firstly, Happy 2010...

    Thanks for your responses.
    Would it be possible to code the RNS-e to have the SK as PPT constantly on?
    Rather than soldering wires onto a PCB, Is the CANgate still available? Is there another CANBus system I could use?

    another point i am curious about.
    What is DSS tool in Engineering mode?


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