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xenon range faulty

Ianmanchester Aug 22, 2008

  1. Ianmanchester

    Ianmanchester Member

    I have the fault below along with the headlight symbol on the dis.

    Address 55 -------------------------------------------------------
    Controller: 4B0 907 357 B
    Component: dynamische LWR D02
    Coding: 00020
    Shop #: WSC 02335
    1 Fault Found:
    00776 - Level Control System Sensor: Left Front (G78)
    31-00 - Open or Short to Ground

    This I believed to be the sensor, so purchased one from Audi, as a test I plugged it in without connecting it up to the suspension to see if this cleared the problem on the dis, it didnt. I measured the voltage going to the sensor - there are 3 wires - one ground, one +12v and the other i believe is the sensor going to the controller.

    Where is the xenon level controller located, I need to check the connectivity at the module. Thanks in advance.
  2. Flying Spanner

    Flying Spanner Member

    The control unit you have fitted 4B0 907 357 B has been modified to 4Z7 907 357 and is 158.68

    J431 the headlamp range ecu is behind the NSR trim above the air suspension ecu (assuming its an allroad) and to the left of the parking sensor ecu. Its in the same area for the saloon and avant.
    Three wires go from the sensor to control unit on these pins:

    G78 >>>>>>>>>J431

    4S Purple/white>>>>>15

    1- Purple/green>>>>>20 via T10a/8 and T10aw/8

    5+ Purple/yellow>>>>19 via T10a/10 and T10aw/9

    Connector T10a is a 10 pin connector PINK in A pillar left
    Connector T10aw is a 10 pin connector BLACK in A pillar right

    T10a/8 means the wire is in slot 8 of the 10 pin PINK connector
    T10a/10 means the wire is in slot 10 of the 10 pin PINK connector

    Looking at the diagram though, I can tell you the fault could be from the 4S via T10a/9 PINK on to ecu.
    The other two 1- and 5+ go into the ecu on the same pins so we can rule out from T10aw/8 and/9 back to the ecu as this is common to G76 AND G78 as the fault is only logged for G78... So from T10aw 8/9 back to G78 would also need testing.
    You will need to enter basic settings to allow headlamp aim adjustment via vag com or similar.
  3. Ianmanchester

    Ianmanchester Member

    Flying spanner - thanks for getting back to me.

    The car is not an allroad - just an a6.

    Where is the location of the headlight range ecu? nsr trim? - does this mean its in the boot?

  4. Flying Spanner

    Flying Spanner Member

    Hi Ian, I have replied to your PM.

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