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Xenon levelling failure + big up to Tonbridge Audi

benw123 Oct 27, 2007

  1. benw123

    benw123 Moderator

    Our Sportback is three years old next week, and while under warranty in that time it has been utterly faultless. Until just four days before the warranty expires, when I noticed the headlight levelling feature of my Xenon lighting wasn't working. Typical!

    The nearside one was angled downwards quite sharply, which meant it would only illuminate an area a few feet in front the car. At least it wasn't blinding oncoming traffic. We were heading down to Sussex at the time to stay with the in-laws for a few days but I didn't want to just leave it, especially with an MoT next week and guaranteed failure because of it.

    So I found the nearest Audi centre, Tonbridge Audi, and gave them a call to see if they could look at it. And full marks - they returned my call at 5:30pm just 20 minutes after calling them first - and booked me in for 8am the next day.

    I was there at 7:45am and after spending an hour with a coffee and poring over the stunning black £103k Audi R8 in the showroom, I got the keys back. They'd done a "reset" of the levelling function which had sorted it. Apparently, it's possible for the auto-levelling software to lose its settings which is why it went on the blink, but it's all good now.

    Whilst all they must have done was hook it up to VAG-COM, I'm still impressed with how quickly they got me booked in and the problem looked at. Just have to hope now that life without a warranty continues in the same vein as it has for the last three years.

    Anyone else just out of warranty and has similarly sweaty palms?
  2. JohnS3

    JohnS3 Active Member

    Not quite, but my trusty old 8L suffered with xenon adjustment issues and they were caused my faulty (had them changed twice!) motors. Lets hope they've got it sorted on the 8P ;)

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