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Xenon headlight problem

G_mac86 Jan 5, 2014

  1. G_mac86

    G_mac86 New Member


    Earlier today I went to go out in the car but it wouldnt start, an hour later I went to see if it would start and it did....anyway.....went out tonight in the car and my drivers headlight dipped beam is not self levelling.

    When the car starts the left light goes through the check but the right does not (not that I can tell anyway). No dash warning lights shown up and dont have anything to scan the car with.

    Tried searching but never found an answer that reflects my issue of one light not self levelling.

    Any thoughts guys and girls?
  2. G_mac86

    G_mac86 New Member

    Quick update.
    Used the car yesterday morning and the light was still not self levelling but when I went home from work both lights were self levelling.

    Could the battery be on its way out causing this to happen as this only started when the car failed to start?
    Either way am happy my lights are working again as normal.
  3. l1ons81

    l1ons81 Member

    Sounds like a loose sensor, had the same issue on my older a3. new sensor is about £60 off ebay mate

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