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Xenon Beam Dip

dexter Dec 17, 2003

  1. dexter

    dexter New Member

    How do you change the dip beam on a UK A3 for driving in Europe? I understand Xenon beams are too hot for stick on converters. Is there a switch behind the headlight?
  2. AlexStanley

    AlexStanley Member

    I think I'm right in saying that there is, but it's a pig to get to.

    Some dealers say that they'll do it if you pop the car in...
  3. LYRAC

    LYRAC Member

  4. SimonP

    SimonP Member

    It's hard to get at but possible, and suggest that you practice in the light at home first to avoid breaking anything at the ferry terminal.

    One side is harder than the other though agreed, and the clearance seems to have changed between earlier models which I recall being easier than my current last of the line model. The idea of taking the battery out is a very good one if you have the time, tools and patience packed with you, the battery comes out pretty easily.

    First remove all the extraneous plastic panels to get at the back of the headlamps. (Turn the ignition off and your headlights off obviously).

    Then very carefully remove the black plastic cover from the back of the headlamp, you need to be CAREFUL both not to rip out the cables that sit around there and also not to damage the rear of the bulb holders or the self-leveliing mechanism inside the headlamp. With patience it will come free, but go easy it's a real test of spatial awareness. The black covers unclip from the top and have a kind of lug thing at the bottom.

    Then the lever is to the right and slightly below the main bulb holder, it's a small sharp tin metal lever. You click it over from one side to the other. Note that it doesn't move very far and doesn't really have a very positive 'click', so you will probably doubt you've done it right. Go easy again it doesn't need brute force and doesn't feel very robust.

    With practice it doesn't take very long, and you'll give all the people scratching their heads about where to put their stickers at the terminal something to watch. Be careful though and don't lose your patience and wrench it all out - that'll be expensive.

    If you arrive at calais at 1am, I'd suggest you crack on and change 'em in the morning. Give a nice friendly wave to anyone who flashes you :)

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