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mary_q Aug 9, 2010

  1. mary_q

    mary_q Member


    How hard is it to fit one of these Gizmo's? Into an Audi A3 99 plate. Currently have just a tape deck standard HU but want to use my ipod without using the dreaded cassete adapter with the fiddly temperamental wire.

    Is there drilling involved? Could a noob fit this? Any FAQ's or instructions available?

    Cheers people.

    Ps. I only need to use ipod no need for any phone/blue tooth etc so it XCARLINK the cheapest bet?
  2. g10chy

    g10chy Member

    Really easy fit mate.

    Head unit out, connect to the CD changer port, earth up to back of the head unit (one screw used for current earth), place xcarlink box behind head unit, feed ipod connector down the back of the dash and out where you want it, put head unit back in and your done!!
  3. alijames

    alijames Active Member

    :iagree: with what he said. Dead easy, although you must be careful to push the HU out from behind and not pull it out with the removal keys, as it's real easy to damsge the clips.

  4. subaru swift

    subaru swift Member

    i have one of these for my sig car, & a itouch 3rd gen 64gb ipod.

    it is the rns-e one off them, it worked for a few min then when my 3200ls parrot kit rang or i needed to make a call, the music stopped like it should.
    however when the call ended the music started after a 5sec delay & then after a 20 min delay then after a hour delay......... .

    so i got the 2 earth points moved & retested but it only now picks up the ipod lead, no music or track listing in the cd changer part on my rns-e.... .

    but i told them by a ticket system only as they do not do phone support !!! ;(, & i am sending it back to day for a new swap out if it is faulty there end !!.

    if not i will get my money back as it is not right for me,,,,,, gutted as the idea sounds so good !!.

    oh well it might be a faulty device.

    have fun easy to fit & use, just need a fully working one.

  5. c_dog

    c_dog Member

    use code 'audisport' to get 10% off!

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