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XCarLink Review for A4 B7 model.

mancdan Sep 12, 2012

  1. mancdan

    mancdan Active Member

    Just wanted to share my thoughts on the X-Car Link I recently installed in my A4 B7, 2005 model.
    The price I paid for the unit was £83.47 plus delivery from www.xcarlink.co.uk

    Installation Process:

    The installation was fairly simple once I managed to remove the Symphony Double Din unit using the 4 radio keys supplied. (Note, the XCarlink only includes 2 keys and you need to purchase 2 additional keys)
    The most difficult part was removing the Symphony unit. It absolutely murdered my fingers as the keys are such thin metal they dig right in to your skin. Plus you don’t want to pull too much or too hard in fear of breaking something.
    Once removed the wiring was fairly obvious after reading the instructions a couple of times.
    I punctured a hole on the inside of my glove box to feed the connecting lead through, so I can now keep my Ipod Touch permanently connected in the glove box.


    • Charges the ipod when vehicle is turned on.
    • A simple way of playing your ipod through the car stereo.
    • Completely better sound than using FM Transmitter.
    • Can be installed by any competent person, no auto electrician required.


    • If you just leave the ipod playing, the track number shown on the Symphony unit doesn’t change like it would with a CD. It thinks that multiple songs are all one track if that makes sense.
    e.g. If I let the ipod play 4 songs starting with track 1, after the 4[SUP]th[/SUP] song has finished it still shows as Track 1 with a total time of all those 4 songs, 12 minutes for instance.​
    It only changes track number when you press the skip button on the Symphony unit.​
    • Sometimes when you press skip track on the Symphony, it does not change song! It shows as the next track number but plays the same song.
    • Not sure if the ipod remains powered on when you turn the car off.
    • Sometimes it does not recognize that the ipod is connected and the message displayed on the Symphony unit reads “No ext drive connected”. The only way to rectify this seems to be turning the vehicle off and then back on again.
    My final summary is that whilst the XCarlink makes playing an ipod nice and simple, it is not a perfect solution and I feel it is not great value for money at £83. The issues above do somewhat annoy me especially as they can be very intermittent. I would therefore give it 5/10.

    I hope the above is useful for anyone considering this item.
    Last edited: Sep 12, 2012
  2. sportstractor

    sportstractor Chugger

    Nice review, doesnt make me want one. I was looking at the Denison gateway bt to fit on my symphony II+, but nothing seems to integrate very well...

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