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XCARLINK Car iPod iPhone Interface Adaptor for AUDI A2, A3, A4, TT - SKU907

J.R. May 22, 2012

  1. J.R.

    J.R. "Started From The Bottom" VCDS Map User

    This is Brand New Never Opened or used

    The Audi iPod Car kit allows you to connect your IPOD to your Audi factory car stereo system without any loss of sound quality!!

    Simply perfect CD quality sound all the time. It will also allow you to control your iPod through your factory radio and steering wheel controls.

    • Connect your iPod to your factory fitted car stereo and enjoy perfect digital CD Quality Sound!! Direct Connection to the CD changer port, This is not an FM transmitter, no FM modulation involved.
    • Control your iPod through your car Stereo and steering wheel controls. Select tracks, rewind, fast forward and adjust the volume through your existing volume control.
    • Select playlists through your car stereo and steering wheel controls
    • When the iPod is connected, you will have full control on ipod from the iPod itself, your iPod and screen will NOT be disabled when connected
    • Automatic Pausing when switching to CD/TAPE/FM/AM/MD etc
    • No batteries required, keeps your Ipod fully charged all the time while connected
    • Designed for the professional look, no cigarette lighter adapters, all wires hidden
    • Power on automatic play function and power off automatic pause
    • 3.5mm connection for connecting MP3/MP4 Player and iPod shuffle
    The Xcarlink connects directly to the existing CD changer port on your car stereo Which in some cars can be reached from the passenger side, on other cars the car stereo will need to be removed. Instructions to remove your car stereo to access the CD changer port can be found through many online resources, car manuals or by a local installer. On most cars the unit can be installed in approx 30 minutes. One of the unique features of the Audi interface is that it has an input connector which enables you to continue using your existing CD changer.


    Compatible with nearly all factory fitted Audi head units including Concert, Chorus and Symphony. Car models including A3 A4 A6 A8 TT and more.

    Please click on the 'Compatibility' Tab above for more information.

    Compatible with all Ipod's with dock connector including iPod Nano (all generations) iPod Touch, iPod Classic and the Apple iPhone, Ipod Video 30GB, 60GB 80GB & 120GB. iPod (3,4,5 Generation), Ipod Photo, Ipod Mini, Ipod U2.

    The interface is now compatible and will provide charge to the latest iPod/iPhone Range including:
    • iPhone 3G/3GS/4/4S
    • Nano 5th/6th Generation
    • iPod Touch 3rd/4th Generation.
    • iPod Classic 160GB
    Please click on the 'iPod/iPhone Compatibility' Tab above for more information

    Optional Add-Ons/Accessories

    Bluetooth A2DP Module - Xcarlink now features a Bluetooth connection for an
    optional Bluetooth Module. This enables it to be used as a handsfree car
    kit system. Simply pair it with any bluetooth enabled mobile phone, and it will
    allow you to make and receive calls hands free through your car stereo speakers.

    Also features a separate microphone for added convenience and optimum sound
    quality. Music playing automatically pauses when a call is made or received and
    then resumes when ended. In addition the bluetooth module allows you to
    wirelessly stream music from your mobile phone or bluetooth enabled device to
    your car stereo..

    3.5mm Aux in Connection - The 3.5mm cable allows you to connect any Audio
    device to Xcarlink such as an MP3 player, iPod Shuffle, satallite radio etc .Please
    note this cable is not required for use with an iPod.

    Package Includes:
    • Xcarlink Main Console
    • CD changer connection
    • iPod dock connection cable
    • Presentation gift packing
    • User Guide
    • 2 x radio removal Keys
    • Bluetooth Module (Optional)
    • 3.5mm aux cable (Optional, not required for use with Ipods)
    Radio & Navigation Systems

    [TABLE="width: 424"]
    [TD]Radio & Navigation Systems

    [TD]2006 - 2011

    Compatible with nearly all factory fitted Audi head units including:

    Double din head units
    • Concert III
    • Chorus III
    • Symphony III
    Navigation PLUS
    • RNS-E
    [TD]2006 - 2011

    [TD]2007 - 2008

    [TD]2007 - 2011

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