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XBOX Linux

Jon Jan 6, 2003

  1. Jon

    Jon Member

    Thought this was interesting, not seen anything on it before :-

    $100,000 Linux Xbox Challenge Extended

    The man behind the Lindows operating system has extended his $100,000 competition to get Linux running on Microsoft's Xbox games console.

    The two-part competition began last July, with two $100,000 prizes: one for running Linux on the console, and one for running Linux on an Xbox with no hardware modifications.

    The first of these has been completed, but Lindows.com founder Michael Robertson has extended the time limit - which originally expired at the end of 2002 - by one year.

    Lindows said that any experienced hacker is welcome to join the effort.

    Distribution of the prize money to the hackers involved in completing the first part of the competition is due by the end of January, according to developer website Sourceforge.net.

    It added that Xbox users can now deploy a selection of free Linux applications, including home entertainment, internet and office programs.

    Xbox Linux is available as a free download here.

    To see more of VNUNet go to http://www.vnunet.com

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